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A picture of Twilight   Twilight
By Stephanie Meyer
4 stars
Reviewed by Sonya. Posted 7/10/2009. Reserve this item

Twilight was a wonderful introduction into the rest of the series. I know that there is a little competition stirring with Harry Potter and the Twilight Saga. Personally I think that Twilight would win. Here is a list of why... Twilight"Easy to understand plot line (Girl from Arizona moves to Forks, WA, to live with her father and meets strange boy).You never know what is going to happen next. Vampires are unpredictable I guess *(Harry Potter does have this)Is easy to relate to, in the sense of teenagers in love, but can't see each other *(You can sometimes relate to Harry Potter as well). But why BOTH books are bestsellers, is simply because readers like the idea of somthing magical and intense. Something unreal, but still easy to relate to.
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