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A picture of The Last Song   The Last Song
By Nicholas Sparks
4 stars
Reviewed by Sonya. Posted 7/16/2010. Reserve this item

I enjoyed this work of Nicholas Sparks. It was sad, yet enlightening, and I actually cried while sitting in bed reading his novel. The Last Song, the title, was only revealed in the last fifty pages, as were a lot more details. The details were discovered much as you open a wrapped gift on your birthday. Unwrapping one layer of beautiful, sparkly pink paper at a time, hoping to uncover a terrific gift, yet finally realizing your sly friend decided to have fun, and wrapped your gift in many layers of wrapping paper. And yes, after uncovering those secrets hidden behind a locked door, I loved the book. Yet, at some point, it overwhelmed me. Almost making me want to jump out of the book, back into reality, yet I couldn't force myself to do so. I kept reading, only to discover more. As I read, I felt like I was a pirate, searching for the treasure, only using a simple torn map, the map being chapter after chapter. I truly enjoyed this novel, The Last Song.
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