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A picture of Siddhartha   Siddhartha
A New Tradition
By Herman Hesse
4 stars
Reviewed by Matthew. Posted 2/13/2009. Reserve this item

<p>The novel <u>Siddhartha</u> takes place in ancient India. The story begins with the main character, Siddhartha, living with his father studying the ways of Hinduism. As he comes of age he leaves home with his childhood friend to live and extend his studies with the Samanas. Siddhartha's goal in life is to reach enlightenment by means of the eight fold path and four noble truths. He soon discovers that he cannot obtain the wisdom he desires by living the life set out for him by others. In moderate defiance of the Buddha himself Siddhartha states that he will undertake the journey himself to reach atonement.</p><p>The story of Siddhartha is very intriguing as it delves deep into the nature of man. Although not apparent on the surface this journey reveals much about the components of knowledge in relation to wisdom. Siddhartha comes to realize that what he seeks is not found around him, but within. It takes many experiences, some good and others bad, for him to reach his desired goal in life. The end of the novel has a magical essence that will likely leave you with a great feeling of modest joy.</p><p>Overall I enjoyed this novel. At times I felt like the plot was dragging on, but I suppose this was for added effect. Mr. Hesse did a fantastic job illustrating human nature and the quest for desire. I hope those of you who come to read this novel take into consideration the deeper and hidden meanings not so easily seen at first. This is a wonderful read for those who are analytical thinkers.</p>
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