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A picture of The thirteenth princess   The thirteenth princess
By Diane Zahler
3 stars
Reviewed by Kavya. Posted 6/12/2011. Reserve this item

This book is more likely intended for a younger age group, but is still an enjoyable story. In this spoof of an original fairy tale, you find Zita to be a princess, yet she is working as a maid. Her father wanted a son yet was given only thirteen daughters. Detested and shunned by her father, she becomes friends with her sisters, the princesses, and sleeps with them every night. All of a sudden her sisters get too weak to do anything. Tired from a lack of sleep, they lay still in their beds. Zita understands that there is some magic going on while she sleeps. With a daring boy, his brother, and a kind witch, who is her mother's friend, can Zita find out what the spell is, who is behind it, and how to stop it? Or will her sisters just not make it? Read the book to find out!!
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