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ORDINANCE No. 2524 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF LAKE OSWEGO AMENDING PORTIONS OF LAKE <br />OSWEGO CODE, CHAPTER 50 (COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CODE) TO PROMOTE <br />COMPATIBILITY OF NEW RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT WITH THE CHARACTER OF <br />EXISTING DEVELOPMENT (LU 08-0053-1729). <br />WHEREAS, the City of Lake Oswego adopted Infill standards in 2003 that are intended to enhance the <br />compatibility of new residential development in the community; and <br />WHEREAS, in 2005 the City reformed the Infill Task Force and charged the Task Force with evaluating <br />the 2003 amendments; and, <br />WHEREAS, the Infill Task Force has recommended a set of code amendments and policies intended to <br />improve the 2003 Infill standards; and, <br />WHEREAS, a notice of public hearing for consideration of this Ordinance was duly given in the manner <br />required by law; and <br />WHEREAS, a public hearing was held before the Lake Oswego City Council on April 20, 2010 to review <br />the Planning Commission's recommendation to amend LOC Chapter 50 of the Lake Oswego Community <br />Development Code. <br />NOW THEREFORE, the City of Lake Oswego ordains as follows: <br />Section 1. The City Council hereby adopts the Findings and Conclusions, LU 08-0053-1729 attached as <br />Exhibit 1. <br />Section 2. The Lake Oswego Code is hereby amended by deleting the text shown by str-ikethFeugh type <br />and adding new text shown in -redline double underlined type: <br />50.02.005 Definitions. <br />For the purposes of this Code certain terms and words are defined as follows: the words "used for" <br />include "designed for" and vice -versa; words used in the present tense include the future, the singular tense <br />includes the plural and vice -versa; the word "shall" is always mandatory; the word "may" is discretionary; <br />the masculine gender includes the feminine gender, except as otherwise provided. The following terms <br />shall mean: <br />100 -Year Flood. See "Flood, Base". <br />AASHTO. American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. <br />Abut. Contiguous to; for example, two lots with a common property line. However, "abut" does not <br />apply to buildings, uses, or properties separated by public right-of-way, rivers or canals. <br />Abutting parcels. Parcels of land that share a common boundary. <br />Access. The place, means or way by which pedestrians or vehicles have ingress to and/or egress from <br />a lot or use. [But see Access definition for purposes of Access Development Standard, LOC <br />Accessory Building. Any detached building the use of which is subordinate and consistent with that <br />of the main building and which is consistent with the buildings and uses allowed in the zone in which it is <br />located. <br />Accessways. A strip of land intended for use by pedestrians and bicyclists that provides a direct route <br />where the use of public roads would significantly add to the travel time and/or distance. <br />Ordinance 2524 - Page 1 of 57 <br />