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CITY OF LAKE OSWEGO November 8, 2017 <br /> Library Advisory Board Library <br /> Present: Jessie Halligan, Lucas Brook, Mike Hostetler,Nancy Niland, Cliff Perigo, Ed Steinberg <br /> Excused: Fred Baldwin <br /> Staff Present: Bill Baars, Beverly Ross <br /> Others: John LaMotte, Council Liaison <br /> The Library Advisory Board meeting was called to order by Chair Jessie Halligan at 7:00 p.m. on <br /> November 8, 2017. <br /> 1. Call to Order and Roll Call <br /> 2. Public Comment <br /> None <br /> 3. Director's Report-Bill Baars <br /> • Baars gave the Board a tour of the Brian Doyle Garden and Reading area, and reported about the success of <br /> the dedication event that was held on Brian Doyle Day,November 6. He passed around photographs. <br /> • Fred Baldwin, Jessie Halligan and Ed Steinberg Library Advisory Board terms expire in January. They are <br /> eligible to reapply. The applications are online and are due December 15. <br /> • The Library is going to have a grand unveiling on Saturday,November 18, from 10:00am to noon. There <br /> will be activities on all floors and a demonstration of the new AMH machine will be given. <br /> • Baars spoke at the Adult Community Center. He discussed AMH, RFID and the Brian Doyle Garden. <br /> • Baars said it is important that the Library be a safe place for everyone whatever their situation may be, <br /> mentally or physically. He said the Library does not ask if someone is homeless. He said as long as people <br /> are adhering to our Library policies everyone is welcome. Baars said that the Library has had <br /> representatives from the local chapter of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) speak to the staff on <br /> how to handle difficult situations. <br /> 4. LO Reads Update-Bill Baars <br /> • Baars shared the Lake Oswego Reads calendar and passed out copies of the LO Reads book, Good <br /> Morning Midnight. <br /> 5. Chairs Report-Jessie Halligan <br /> None <br /> 6. Friends of the Library Report-Nancy Niland <br /> • We have new board members of the Friends, including a new vice president. <br /> • The next Friends Board meeting will be November 16. <br /> • Watermarks, the Friends newsletter, is coming out this week. <br /> • The Booktique is selling Good Morning Midnight. <br /> 7. Council Update-John LaMotte <br /> • LaMotte updated the group on the D Avenue redesign; it is about 70% complete and the City is still <br /> working with the First Addition Neighborhood Association on the project. <br /> • City Hall had a large design presentation with three design options. <br /> 1 <br />