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Fitness Room

City of Lake Oswego Oregon Official Website

Mon - Thu 8a-8p
Fri 8a-4p
Sat 9:30a -12:30p

Open to ACC Members

Requirements: current Membership, Orientation, Liability Waiver Form.

The ACC recently enhanced the fitness program by adding three new pieces of exercise equipment: A Total Body Re-cumbent Elliptical, Treadmill, and an Upper Body Ergometer. The Sci-Fit Elliptical Trainer is a user friendly whole body cross trainer that gives one a natural total body movement that creates a true-to-life walking cadence. The footbeds help to improve circulation and eliminates hot spots and numbness and it optimizes torso rotation and core muscle recruitment for a weight-bearing total body workout. The Elliptical provides a safe and easy entry for progression to weight-bearing elliptical motion.

Don’t wait! Contact the Center to learn more about becoming a member of the ACC and to schedule an orientation so you can begin your fitness journey. Call 503-635-3758 for more information.