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Lake Oswego Hunt Club, Circa 1938

Lake Oswego Hunt Club

Lake Oswego Hunt Club, Circa 1938

Location: 2725 Iron Mtn. Blvd

The Hunt Club, listed on the National Register of Historic Places is significant for the role it played in the development of the Lake Oswego area.  The

Oregon Iron and Steel Company proposed developing riding and polo facilities to complement the Lake Oswego Country Club.  The arena is important for its method of construction.  The all-wood arena, 106 feet by 240 feet is believed to be the largest, oldest wood arena in the west.  The rectangular structure is constructed of fir and all exterior walls and doors are tongue and groove construction. Much of the millwork was done on the site including production of doors, bleacher and stall. Bowstring arch trusses frame the roof of the enclosed arena.