LU 13-0068: Comprehensive Plan Amendments Related to Periodic Review (Consolidated Package)

A request from the City of Lake Oswego for final review and recommendation from the Planning Commission on the updated Comprehensive Plan with amendments from LU 13-0010 and LU 13-0045 consolidated into a newly formatted document.

Status Updates: 

March 13, 2014
On February 18, 2014, the City Council tentatively approved the Comprehensive Plan Update.  On March 18, 2014, the City Council is scheduled to finalize their tentative decision by enacting Ordinance 2640 and adopting the findings.

To view Ordinance 2640 and Exhibits 1 through 5, click here.

February 11, 2014
The Findings, Conclusions & Order were approved at the Planning Commission's February 10, 2014, meeting. A link to this document can be found under "Key Documents" on this page.

The City Council is scheduled to hold a public hearing on this proposal at its meeting on February 18, 2014. For more information regarding the Council's agenda and schedule, please contact Cate Schneider, City Recorder, (503) 675-3984.

January 28, 2014
At its meeting on January 27, 2014, the Planning Commission reopened the public hearing, deliberated and made a preliminary decision to recommend that City Council approve this proposal.  The Findings, Conclusions & Order (the final decision) will be considered at its meeting on February 10, 2014.

January 14, 2014
At its meeting on January 13, 2014, the Planning Commission opened the public hearing, accepted testimony from the public and began deliberations.  The hearing was continued to their next meeting on January 27, 2014, for deliberations and a possible recommendation.  The public testimony portion of the hearing has been closed.

Project Details
LU 13-0068
City of Lake Oswego (A)
Project Contact: 
Scot Siegel, Planning and Building Services Director, (503) 699-7474.
Reviewing Body: 
Hearing Date: 
Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Related Meetings

Jan 27 2014 - 6:00pm

Jan 13 2014 - 6:30pm

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