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Willamette River railroad bridge

About the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board meets on the third Wednesday of every month. For more information, call 503-675-2544. Call ahead for exact meeting dates, times and locations.

Meeting Agendas for the next meeting are usually published one week prior.

Meeting Minutes (Minutes are not posted until they are approved by PRAB).  This may cause a delay of 1-3 months in posting of the minutes.

The current board members are:

  • Steve Dodds (term expires 4/15)
  • Sandy Intraversato (term expires 4/14)
  • Bill Gordon - Chair (term expires 4/14)
  • Nancy Gronowski (term expires 4/16)
  • Ryan Hubbard (term expires 4/15)
  • David Barra (term expires 4/16)
  • Mark Olen (term expires 4/14)
  • Youth Council Member: Jacob Rappaport (term expires 8/14)
  • Council Liaison Designee: Donna Jordan