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2016 City Council Goals

On Saturday, January 9, 2016, the City Council met to set goals for the new year.  Prior to the retreat, the Council held a community open house and solicited electronic comments to hear the public’s thoughts on what the city should focus on in 2016.

2016 City Council Goals

In recognition of the fact that many secondary goals are being pursued and that there are many ongoing plans of the City Council, the seven primary 2016 City Council goals are:

1. Improve the overall transportation system

  • Continue to improve the condition of streets
  • Continue to improve bicycle/pedestrian connectivity
  • Explore possible funding strategies for bicycle/pedestrian connections
  • Work with regional partners on a Willamette Shoreline Trail

2. Maintain and improve basic infrastructure and facilities

  • Break ground on upgrades to the Operations Center and Police/LOCOM facility
  • Consider, subject to community support and financial feasibility, a public-private partnership for a fiber broadband utility

3. Adopt key amendments to the Municipal Code

  • Adopt amendments to the tree code to provide more flexibility for homeowners
  • Streamline the development code to make it more business-friendly and resident-friendly, while still maintaining community standards.
  • Ease regulatory barriers that discourage remodeling rather than demolition

4. Explore new or upgraded community facilities and assets

  • Work with the Lake Oswego School District to explore ways to partner on community facilities, including such areas as a community pool and a recreation center
  • Work with the Arts Council to identify a long term location for the Council office and gallery
  • Explore opportunities for mountain bike trails

5. Support redevelopment of downtown and Lake Grove

  • Complete an agreement for redevelopment of the North Anchor properties
  • Complete final design for major improvements to Boones Ferry Road in Lake Grove
  • Accelerate the pace of urban renewal projects

6. Encourage community involvement

  • Create a Youth Advisory Council
  • Form a task force to develop a tourism/visitor services strategy

7. Longer Term goals

  • Identify strategies for addressing the PERS increase that will begin in FY17-18
  •  Explore the use of Local Improvement Districts with matching grants for neighborhood street and sidewalk improvements
  • Replace the exterior and windows of City Hall
  • Improve the appearance of downtown alleys
  • Explore possible upgrades to the Adult Community Center