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Lake Grove Village Center Parking Management Plan

Project Background/Summary

In June 2013, the City Council authorized the City to apply for a Transportation and Growth Management (TGM) grant from Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to fund a Lake Grove Village Center Parking Plan.  The Parking Plan was identified as a key measure for addressing some of the major issues highlighted during the planning work for the Lake Grove Village Center Plan.  The adopted Lake Grove Village Center Plan includes a policy that states there will be no net loss of parking as a result of improvements to Boones Ferry Road and that public parking facilities will be identified and developed at convenient locations throughout the Village Center. 

The key outcome of the project is a parking management plan that is supported by the neighborhoods and businesses, includes overall parking management strategies in the District, identifies at least three potential sites for public parking facilities, proposes adoption ready code language, and estimates implementation costs. 

The TGM program is a joint program between the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Oregon Department of Land Conservation.  The program includes grants for local governments for transportation planning projects and is financed with federal funds with a local match. The project must be completed by July 1, 2015.

Project Description

This project will produce the Lake Grove Village Center Parking Management Plan for the Lake Grove Village Center (LGVC). The creation of the Parking Plan will implement a provision of the LGVC plan.

Project Objectives

  • Build on the Lake Grove Village Center Plan vision, objectives and identified improvements.
  • Identify Project desired outcomes to create a more walkable community as envisioned in the Lake Grove Village Center Plan.
  • Inventory existing parking to provide baseline and forecast parking needs based on redevelopment assumptions and Project desired outcomes.
  • Address local and regional (Regional Transportation Functional Plan) transportation performance objectives through evaluation of alternatives and solutions.
  • Implement Lake Grove Village Center Plan policy that replaces lost parking due to the programmed Boones Ferry Road improvements.
  • Identify ways for property and business owners to share parking and combine access.
  • Identify a network of connected parking lots so that vehicles are not required to reenter Boones Ferry Road to maneuver through the LGVC.
  • Develop a tool-box of strategies to manage parking including incentives to increase the efficient use and turn-over of existing parking.
  • Identify market responsive parking standards that more accurately reflect the different demands for new development and redevelopment.
  • Identify at least three potential sites to accommodate future parking demands.
  • Revise parking code standards and comprehensive plan as needed to implement Project outcomes.
  • Ensure coordination and actively engage property owners, businesses, residents, stakeholders, and elected and appointed officials in all phases of Project.
  • Develop draft and adoption-ready parking plan as Lake Grove Village Center Plan amendment and Community Development Code amendments to implement the Lake Grove Village Center Parking Management Plan.
  • Develop feasible and realistic financial strategies and cost estimates for potential parking sites.

The transportation relationships and benefits of this Project include:

  • An assessment of parking use, turnover, and need in the LGVC;
  • A plan for more efficient use of existing parking, shared parking, off-street connections between parking areas, and shared driveways;
  • Identification of strategic locations for public parking facilities; and
  • An overall strategy and plan to manage parking in LGVC while assuming identified pedestrian and bicycle connections.


On September 2, 2014, the City Council authorized the mayor to sign an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with ODOT for receipt of the Transportation and Growth Management Grant and endorse selections for the Stakeholder Advisory Committee.