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Performance Measures

City of Lake Oswego Oregon

In 2010, the City embarked on a project to identify and define City programs and services and establish performance measures for each operating Department. The purpose of the project is to help staff and community leaders make important decisions and trade‚Äźoffs that are community supported and backed by reliable data. In order for Lake Oswego to continue to be an effective and efficient steward of public goods and services requires the City to continually review and realign core and baseline services to ensure that government spending is reflective of the community’s priorities.

A performance measurement is the practice of designing and adopting measures and collecting data to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of programs and services, and their progress towards achieving objectives. Performance measures can provide a number of benefits to the City of Lake Oswego including:

  • Supporting a better decision making process by providing managers with information pertaining to services and programs;
  • Promoting transparency and accountability by equipping policy makers and citizens with information that helps inform what the City does, at what cost, and communicates what programs are most effective in achieving their goals; and
  • Providing better and more consistent information for allocating scarce resources.

Throughout the City's budget document, you will find featured pilot performance measures incorporated into the Department budget narratives. To enhance readability, each section also includes explanations as to why the measures were chosen and any additional information that may be pertinent for interpreting the results. The programs include three types of measures: workload indicators, and efficiency and effectiveness performance measures. These measures are defined as follows:

  • Workload Indicators, which were incorporated into the budget last year, define the amount of work performed or service provided for our citizens.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness Measures are output or outcomes measures that either evaluate the relationship between resources used to services provided or a measure of the results towards accomplishing a specific goal.