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West End Building and Facilities Analysis

Project Background/Summary

In 2009, City Council reviewed information gathered about the condition of key City facilities and potential uses for the West End Building. The information, compiled in the West End Building Decision Process Report, includes all studies, materials and public outreach that took place during the six months prior to creation of the report.

The West End Building Decision Process Report contains an Alternatives Analysis of the West End Building and other key City facilities, including City Hall, the Public Library, Maintenance Services Building, South Shore Fire Station and the Adult Community Center.  As part of the Analysis, each facility is reviewed with respect to the following areas:  Building Condition, Space and Program Needs, Facility Options and Forecasted Costs, and Public Opinion Research Results. The Report also includes various options, corresponding planning level cost information, and possible financing options.

The final strategy includes providing safe, adequate and sustainable public facilities, foregoing the idea of a City government-initiated community center at the West End Building, maintaining the City’s financial strength and stability, and developing a long term implementation plan.  The strategy also prioritizes implementation steps.