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  • Springbrook Park by Justin Myers
    Starting in 1992 the City of Lake Oswego began building pathways that formed walking loops around the City. There are currently five main loops totaling 23.7 miles.
  • Lake Oswego History graphic
    Until the mid-1800s, Lake Oswego was a sleepy assembly of homesteads and farms between the Willamette and Tualatin Rivers in Oregon. A small population of Native Americans--the Clackamas Indians--had occupied the land, but diseases brought by early explorers killed all but a few.
  • City of Lake Oswego Services & Activities Guide
    Lake Oswego is a community rich with art, culture, historical resources, quality schools, vibrant business districts, and an abundance of activities and events for all ages.  In the City's Services & Activity Guide, you will find information about these wonderful features and the wealth of services and programs offered by the City of Lake Oswego and its community partners as well...
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