Concert Etiquette and FAQ


Guests are welcome to arrive early for the concerts, and may save a spot in the audience for their group as long as at least one person physically occupies that space. Please do not reserve space with blankets/chairs/coolers and no human present.

Food and Drink:

Guests may bring food and non-hard alcohol (beer and wine) to concert sites. Please enjoy responsibly, pick up after your group, and designate a driver if alcohol is being consumed. Food and drink are also available for purchase.


Please bring low sand chairs or plan to sit on the ground. Should you bring a taller chair, please sit in the back of the audience so as not to obstruct anyone's view. Canopies and umbrellas are not permitted. Please note that despite our best efforts regarding irrigation, the ground is occasionally wet. We recommend waterproof picnic blankets.


Parking can be limited at all concert venue sites. We recommend carpooling if possible, and the following available parking sites:

  • Foothills Park: parking available at Thor's Auto Body, Toklat Originals, and Willamette Valley Trolley station. Handicap parking available at Oswego Pointe Condominiums. Please do not park at Oswego Pointe Apartments, and respect all signage referring to available parking.
  • Westlake Park: parking available on both sides of Westlake Park and in neighborhood where marked. Please respect neighborhood residents and do not block driveways, mailboxes, etc.
  • Millennium Plaza Park: parking available at Lakeview Village shopping center and in neighborhood where marked.


Pets are allowed on leashes at all times at concert venues.

First Aid/Safety:

Basic First Aid supplies are available at the Living Well in Lake Oswego booth at Sounds of Summer concerts. Staff are trained in First Aid/CPR. For First Aid at Moonlight & Music concerts please find a concert staff member.

Lost & Found:

A small Lost & Found is operated out of the Living Well in Lake Oswego Booth at Sounds of Summer concerts. Please check with staff if you've lost an item. For Lost & Found at Moonlight & Music concerts please check in with a concert staff member.

Lost Children:

Safety is our number one priority, especially as concerts continue to grow in attendance. If you find you are separated from your child, please report to the Living Well in Lake Oswego Booth and check in with concert staff. Please advise children on safe meeting spots at the concert site. Westlake Park will feature multiple colored feather banners to act as meeting points throughout Westlake Field. These can serve as great visual landmarks for members of your party.

For any other questions, please contact Concert Coordinator, Dawn Kolb, at or 503-534-5278.