April Week 3

Lil’ Indoor Play Egg Hunt! 
Ages 0-4 (plus some siblings);  35 kiddos & their families Came to Palisades on Saturday morning for some indoor egg hunting.
Look at all those eggs! FUN!

I’d like to acknowledge the dedicated work of our Parks Maintenance crew for their quick work getting our displaced driving range netting repaired quickly (by Saturday morning) in the wake of Friday’s windstorm.  In particular I’d like to thank Greg Olson, Ben Labounty, and Daniel Morena as well as our on Course crew members Scott Mora and Jerry Zollner.  Kudos also to Nibroy Smith for helping to clear the greens of debris, enabling us to re-open the Course.
Great job guys! -Tom Meuller

Easter – Golfzilla!
60 Children and their families came out to play golf games and challenge the mighty Kaiju GOLFZILLA!

Luscher Farm
School Tours! 120 curious Children invaded the grounds of Luscher Farm Friday to join in on the farm’s fabulous school tours. Chicken, worms, flowers, gardens and farming lessons kept the kids engaged and smiling. Thanks to Friends of Luscher Farm and farmers from CSA 47th Ave. Farm of the tour guide help.

The farm house garage and camp/meeting space got new garage door this week also. Yay for one button opening!




The Audubon Society of Portland and Columbia Land Trust, in partnership with Friends of Tryon Creek (FOTC), launched the expansion of the Backyard Habitat Certification Program (BHCP) into Lake Oswego on August 1st, 2011. The program provides assistance and incentives to residents with small lots (an acre or smaller) who seek to restore native wildlife habitat to their backyards. At that time, the program had already operated successfully in Portland since its city-wide launch in 2009. Today, there are nearly 3,861 enrolled properties, spanning about 931 acres, region-wide.

We are moving into our seventh year of implementing the BHCP within Lake Oswego. With each year, the program continues to sustain its growth at a consistent rate, meeting and then exceeding deliverables. Overall, the Backyard Habitat Certification Program has enrolled and provided our high-quality technical assistance and educational services to 348 sites within the City of Lake Oswego. These sites are mostly single family residential lots, but also include several multi-family dwellings, and other public demonstrations sites like schools and religious institutions. Cumulatively, backyard habitats now span over 100 acres of the City of Lake Oswego.

Backyard staff are excited to announce that the program has officially launched into new parts of Clackamas County, including West Linn, Milwaukie, Oak Grove and Jennings Lodge. Our first site certification happened on March 28th when the yard of Lisa Batey, Milwaukie City Council President, was certified Gold. Following the event a press release was sent out and picked up by the Clackamas Review and KGW News, both of which will be highlighting, in the near future, the expansion of the program into these new areas of Clackamas County. A Habitat Technician was hired in March to work with program participants in this new service area.

Narrative – Success toward 2016-17 Program Deliverables

Primary Deliverables

Site Assessments and Certifications – During Q3 Friends of Tryon Creek, with support from Portland Audubon and Columbia Land Trust, conducted 7 Site Assessments on newly enrolled properties, and certified 5 additional properties. There are an additional 9 new sites where the visit is being scheduled. With one quarter remaining in the fiscal year, we are confident we will achieve the additional 20 site assessments and 6 certifications needed to meet our deliverables.

     Community Demonstration Projects – One new demonstration site, Hallinan Open Space, was added during this quarter and received Gold certification. Also, one of the previously listed demonstration sites, Campbell Native Garden, was certified Silver. FOTC continued to develop relationships and support the ongoing habitat restoration site at the community demonstration sites listed below. FOTC maintains ongoing relationships with community demonstration site stewards, offering guidance and leadership in a unified effort to reach the shared goal of certification.

The Lake Oswego program has 17 community demonstration sites (*Certified):

  • Friends of Rogerson Clematis Garden (2014-2015)*
  • Brighton HOA – Fosberg Rd (2014-2015)
  • 3930 Lake Grove HOA (2014-2015)
  • 4340 Botticelli (2014-2015)
  • Leslie Commons Home Owners Association (2014-2015)
  • Westlake Fire Station (2014-2015)
  • Tryon Pool Corp (2014-2015)*
  • Lake Oswego United Church of Christ (2013-2014)
  • River Grove Elementary (2013-2014)
  • Lakeridge Junior High (2013 -2014)*
  • Lake Oswego United Methodist Church (2012-2013)*
  • Forest Hills Elementary (2012-2013)*
  • Oak Creek Elementary (2015 – 2016)
  • Weatherstone HOA – Mountain Park (2015-2016)
  • Campbell Native Garden (2015-2016)*
  • Oswego Bay Condominiums (2015-2016)
  • Dennis’ 7 Dees Garden Center (2016-2017)
  • Hallinan Open Space (2016-2017)*

Secondary Deliverables

Community outreach – During Q3, FOTC promoted the Backyard Habitat Certification Program through a myriad of new and creative ways. FOTC Education Director, Gabe Sheoships, hosted a BHCP table at the Science Friday event at the Tryon Creek State Natural Area. On February 25th, Gabe answered questions and provided support at the Watershed Wide Event, hosted by the Tryon Creek Watershed Council, at St. Mark’s Church. This event organized neighborhood stewards towards restoration projects on three sites across Southwest Portland and Lake Oswego. At the annual Owl Fest event, March 11th, at the Tryon Creek State Natural Area, Gabe Sheoships and FOTC Site Technician Cindy Ellison hosted a BHCP table.

Social and Electronic Media – The Backyard Habitat Facebook page, managed by Portland Audubon and Columbia Land Trust, now has about 2,755 “followers” and very high traffic volumes. In addition to our official program Facebook presence, a program volunteer has started a spin off public Facebook group of “Friends of Backyard Habitats”. This unofficial program page is a fan club of sorts, with over 891 members that are using the online community as a tool for crowd sourcing plant identification, sharing plants, and getting their gardening questions answered by each other. This Facebook group has proven to be an extraordinarily effective tool for building community and support around participants working toward certification. Lastly, the Backyard Habitat Certification website, www.backyardhabitats.org, was launched in Aug 2014 and has become a widely-used community resource for Backyard Habitat Program participants in Lake Oswego, as well as the other cities we serve, and even residents outside of our service areas that are working to make a difference.

In-Kind Incentives to BHCP Participants – In-kind incentives help drive changes in backyards by reducing barriers to restoration activities and creating motivation. Each of the 7 new participants in Q3 of FY16-17 received discounts on native plants at three regional nurseries. Additionally, the participant who became certified at any level received free memberships to Columbia Land Trust and Portland Audubon, a gift card to the Backyard Bird Shop, and coupons to One Green World Nursery and Timber Press publishing house. These incentives are also designed to drive the green economy by directing consumers to local businesses that support the values of the Backyard Habitat Program.

Native Plant Sales – Each spring and fall, Columbia Land Trust and Portland Audubon make discounted native plants available as an exclusive perk for BHCP participants, through our popular sales. The fall sale is led by Portland Audubon, while Columbia Land Trust leads the spring sale, in partnership with Echo Valley Nursery. For the spring 2017 sale, Backyard will be partnering with Echo Valley Natives for a third year. Program participants will have access to steeply discounted native plants from the nursery for the entire month of April. For the first two days of the sale (April 7th and 8th), Backyard staff and volunteers will be present to support participants in selecting the right plant for their garden. FOTC’s annual native plant sale, the Trillium Festival, is scheduled for April 1st and 2nd at the Tryon Creek State Natural Area. As in 2016, the focus of this year’s festival is the BHCP. These sales are designed to increase access to native plants, reduce financial barriers to creating habitat at home, while supporting our local green economy.

BHCP E-Newsletter – Columbia Land Trust and Portland Audubon collaborated and distributed the Winter 2017 edition of the Backyard Habitat E-News in February 2017. More than 4,661 individuals received this Enews and see it as an invaluable resource for their projects; brimming with resources, information about region-wide workshops, plant sales, presentations and other habitat-friendly programming and encouragement.

Volunteer Component – There are currently about 119 Backyard Habitat Program volunteers. Overall, in Q3, Backyard Habitat volunteers dedicated over 89 hours to the program. Their activities include time conducting follow-up certification visits, follow-up calls to program participants, stuffing resource packets, data entry, and planning a multi-month Backyard open garden tour. This spring, in March and April, Portland Audubon will be hosting a series of trainings to prepare new volunteers for service, while deepening the existing knowledge of returning volunteers. On March 6th we hosted a Returning Volunteer Meeting and Appreciation. Three additional trainings: an invasive weeds program, a wildlife enhancements program, a certification field training, and a program focused on pesticides reduction and stormwater management are scheduled for April and May. A total of 8 new volunteers signed up for the trainings. One of the trainees lives in Lake Oswego and will be supporting Lake Oswego properties in the upcoming year.

Waluga Reservoir 1 has a new roof!

Despite dealing with one of the wettest winters on record, crews found a long enough break in the rain last month to pour the final quadrant of the WR1’s roof! Hooray!!!

Now that the major concrete pours are complete, crews are focused on stripping and removing the shoring support, caulking and cleaning inside the tank and grading around the base of the tank.

In late April, the interior of the tank will be cleaned and chlorinated. Shortly afterwards, crews will begin filling the tank for a week of testing before it is placed back online – in time for summer demands.

All work and site restoration is expected to be complete in mid-May.

Recent aerial photos captured in early March show half of the newly poured roof, with two remaining quadrants ready to be poured (rebar and shoring support also shown). Stay tuned for the final stage of aerial photos, showing the finished roof and restored site.

Two quadrants have been poured and the concrete is curing before the forms are stripped. The rebar, shoring support and forms are shown clearly in the two remaining quadrants.

Aerial photos by Unique Perspectives Aerial Photography

April week 2

Sports Division kicked off the spring sports season with a tailgate party at the ACC. In the series of First Friday events at the ACC the Sports Division grill dogs, played games and kicked off the 2017 season in style.

MiGA (Mobility Impaired Golf Assn) Easter Egg Hunt and Clinic.  175 kids/parents of physically disadvantaged youth will be here to seek out Easter eggs and meet Mr. Bunny.  Participants will be provided with short game and range clinic to enjoy the game of golf!  1-3pm Easter Sunday.

Kids’ Golf Day featuring Golfzilla 
Saturday, April 15th 1:00-4:00pm
FREE ROUND OF GOLF (with paid adult)

Lake Oswego Volunteer Meals on Wheels Driver makes national news!
A few weeks ago in the publication there was a a link to a story on 93 year old Lake Oswego woman featured in the Oregonian. Since then the story has been picked up nationally by the Washington Post! Follow this link to read more…

ACC Staff Present at 41 Annual OSU Gerontology Conference
Last week Center Manager Ann Adrian, Program Supervisor Maria Bigelow and Fitness Instructor Barb Blum attend the conference in Corvallis and also presented on the “Aging Mastery Program.” In addition, during the two day conference staff attended sessions on such wide ranging topics such as  Nutrition and Bone Health,  LGBT elders, Senior Bullying and Heart Health.

Palisades Egg Hunt!

Arbor Week
Art Contest
The art is rolling in. Come have a look at Palisades through the month of April.

Springbrook Park: Down Under 5/14
What a turn out at Springbrook Park on Friday. The Friends of Springbrook Park lead tours of over 60 children with their adults and explored what the parks has to offer. Trees, bugs, worms and all kinds of life were discovered and examined. Thanks to Megan BigJohn for jumping in and leading a tour of curious Oswegians.

Work Parties!
The Friends of Hallinan Wood Heights pulled over 100 pounds of trash out of Freepons Natural Area at their last work party.  As a bonus they found a parking meter!  Thanks for all the hard work friends!

 On Sunday April 9th Friends of Woodmont held a work party with a huge turn out!  Staff attended bring the Stewardship trailer and plants for the 23 volunteers.  Volunteers planted 95 native plants as well as spread woodchips on the wooded pathway.  What a successful day!  Thanks to the hard work and heart of the volunteers!

What’s A Fender Blender?
Well we are glad you asked! The Fender Blender is a specially made bike with self powered attachment options. The blended goodness will be available at Parks events throught the summer.
Keep a look out for some yummy, healthy peddling!

“Holy blender Batman!”


“Scout” saves the day (and house and family)

In the early hours of Thursday morning April 13th firefighters were called to the 4000 block of Canal Rd for a report of a fire. Truck 211 arrived quickly but had to walk up to the house due to it being on a flag lot down a narrow driveway. Quick action from the firefighters helped with the fire not getting very large.

The homeowner explained to firefighters that they were awakened by their dog Scout who was barking. They smelled smoke but did not notice any smoke until they opened the door to the garage. Contractors had stained wood flooring the day before and discarded the stain soaked rags in the middle of the garage floor. The rags heated up and started the fire by self-combustion. Fortunately Scout woke up the family as fire alarms are not present in garage which would give the fire a chance to grow and get out of control without anyone noticing. Firefighters still want to make sure people have working smoke alarms throughout their home including in all sleeping areas and in the hallways around sleeping areas.

Lake Oswego Firefighters help raise money by cooking pizza

On Wednesday April 12th Lt. Paul Lauritzen and FF Andrew Hedges participated in the “Iron Chef” competition at the California Pizza Company at Bridgeport. The friendly competition between Lake Oswego Fire, Tigard Police, Clackamas County Sheriff and Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue was won by the new comers Tigard Police. Lake Oswego Fire has participated since the competition started three years ago and received first place the last two years.

The fundraising competition was to help raise fund for the Chelsea Hick Foundation which brings dress up cloths to the children hospitals for children to use and take their mind of their illness or injury for a little bit while having fun. For information on the foundation check http://chelseahicksfoundation.org/

Late winter storm keeps firefighters busy

On Friday April 7th mother nature brought a wind storm to Lake Oswego and other areas of the State. The initial start of the calls received that day started at 7:20 AM and lasted for almost 12 hours. Firefighters answered 75 calls for emergency services, almost an 700% increase for that amount of time.

At times firefighters had to evaluate a scene, secure the area and then move on to the next incident. Due to the start of this storm was at shift change we were able to hold over two crews to staff two additional fire engines during the height of it all.

The photo above is from a large tree slicing through a home on Mary Failing Dr. Fortunately no injuries were reported during the storm.

Waluga Neighborhood Assoc. Presents a Thank You to LOPD

On Tuesday, April 11, 2017, the Waluga Neighborhood Association presented a framed certificate to the Lake Oswego Police Department.

Neighborhood Co-Chair, Cheryl Uchida and Police/Traffic Liaison, Dick Benedetti presented the certificate to Chief Don Johnson, as well as about 20 police department employees.

Waluga Neighborhood Association wanted to recognize and show appreciation for the partnership between the Lake Oswego Police Department and the Waluga Neighborhood Association. Efforts by both the neighborhood and police department have contributed to essential improvements in the neighborhood over the last decade, improving the quality of life. This certificate has been placed on display in the police department lobby, as it precisely represents the mission of Lake Oswego Police.

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