Boones Ferry Road Project Update

Business Visits

Throughout the spring and summer, project staff have been out visiting more than 150 businesses along the corridor and in the project area to share information, gather contact details and hear construction concerns.

THANK YOU for taking the time to chat with us – we have enjoyed meeting you and look forward to keeping you informed as we continue through the next phases of the project. If we missed you, or you received one of our door hangers and would like to set up a time to talk in person, please contact us! We will also be conducting another round of business visits after we get a contractor on board, just before construction starts.

In addition, project staff have been regularly attending the Lake Grove Business Association meetings and look forward to continue partnering with the association to share information and support businesses throughout the project.

Review and Refinement of the Final Design

The design team submitted 95% plans to the project team in the spring. The City, project staff and Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) have been busy reviewing and commenting on the plans for final refinement. Final plans are expected to be received later this summer.

Right-of-way acquisition is nearing completion. Once the 100% plans are submitted and the needed right-of-way is acquired, the City, project staff and ODOT will conduct a final review of the plans before the project goes out to bid for construction (expected later this fall).

Final PAC Meeting Held

With design essentially complete, the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) held its final meeting last month to review the streetscape elements and the art/history messaging to be incorporated into the final design.

The PAC has played an integral role in selecting streetscape and aesthetic features of the design. The PAC’s vision has been to make Boones Ferry Road a “great street” by creating a user-friendly, multi-modal gathering area that serves as the centerpiece of Lake Grove for the entire community. The improvements will enhance the streetscape, make the street safer and improve access to businesses and nearby residences.

Thank you, Boones Ferry Road Project Advisory Committee!

Open House

Later this fall, the project team and PAC will hold an open house to share the final designs with the community and discuss construction. Any boards, plans and graphics on display at the open house will also be available on our website. Stay tuned for an invitation.


As is the nature with these projects, schedules change frequently. The earliest we anticipate construction to begin is the first quarter of 2019. Construction is expected to take at least two years to complete.

For more information, visit, email or call 503-697-6573. As we get closer to construction, we’ll also be sharing information via the City’s active social media accounts using the hashtag #boonesferryproject

D Avenue Full Road Closure Starts Next Week

With the first phase of major utility work now complete for the D Avenue Improvement Project, crews are about to start the major road reconstruction phase. This will result in full (24-hour) road closures in multiple block segments along the entire ten blocks of D Avenue for up to eight weeks.

D Avenue will be closed to all through traffic traveling east/west – including vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists. North/south access points to cross D will be maintained at most times at 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Streets (see map). However, there will be short-term closures at those intersections while crews excavate the road.

Drivers, pedestrians and cyclists – please be alert, plan ahead for traffic delays and use one of the four open cross streets to access the library, adult community center and neighborhood.

The entire roadway is being completely dug-out, re-rocked, regraded and repaved.  A new sidewalk will be built, parking areas will be more obvious, and about 40 landscaped rain garden stormwater facilities will be installed to help manage street runoff.

We appreciate all traffic, cyclists and pedestrians abiding by traffic control signage and avoiding the construction areas for the safety of all. Thank you for your patience during this major construction project.

Construction is expected to continue through fall. Visit for more information, to view the final plans or to sign-up for the regular e-newsletter.

High Heat Brings the Danger of Fires

With the high heat arriving this week, the fire danger has elevated to a dangerous level. Lake Oswego firefighters have started to respond to multiple bark dust fires already that fortunately have been small in nature and extinguished quickly. People need to take caution and not discard smoking materials onto vegetation.

Last month firefighters finished their annual wildland training at Lusher Farm instructed by firefighter Dick Griffin. Brush truck 210 was utilized to get the firefighters familiar with the operations and quick deployment of hose and gear.

Lake Oswego is in a “no burn” area through DEQ where no open burning is allowed year around. Small recreational fires in a fire pit are allowed and only firewood is allowed for these. We discourage even small recreational fires in this weather. For safety information for recreational fires check :

A press release from The Oregon Department of Forestry went out this Thursday which is below:

The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) – Molalla Unit has issued a Level 2 Fire Warning for the North Cascade District.

The district covers the majority of Clackamas County east of I-5/I-205 and all county parks and forestland properties. This includes the three county parks that feature recreational vehicle (RV) camping sites – Barton Park, Feyrer Park and Metzler Park. Restrictions at county parks and forest lands include:

  • Campfires must be contained only within metal fire rings and fire pits
  • Firewood must be contained within the metal fire ring and fire pit
  • Campfire flame height is limited to 12 inches
  • No unattended campfires allowed

ODF provides jurisdiction over Clackamas County parks as regulated public facilities. Fire districts will be issuing their own fire danger warnings for extreme fire conditions.

It is possible that excessive heat in the coming weeks will bring the county into a Level 3 warning in the coming days. If and when that happens, stricter restrictions will be put into effect.

Clackamas County parks and forest staff will maintain direct communication with ODF during these high and extreme fire levels.

Lake Oswego Police Officer’s Life Saving Response

The morning of 7/4/2018 at about 9 am, Officer Sparling heard LOCOM broadcast that medics were responding to a “skill saw injury to the leg”.

Officer Sparling added himself to the call and was the first onscene. LOCOM updated the call saying there was a gate that was locked so first responders had to enter from the back. Officer Sparling parked, ran to the building and up three flights of stairs and then had to run to the opposite end of the building where he found the injured male.

According to Officer Sparling, other construction workers were applying pressure to the wound, but he wasn’t certain the bleeding had been stopped. Officer Sparling applied his tourniquet and then an Israeli bandage. LOFD sent 3 trucks and had to access the patient via the ladder truck, which is also how they got the patient down.

Officer Sparling’s hustle and application of the tourniquet very likely saved this individual’s life.








The June 2nd Lake Oswego Urban & Community Forestry Tree Pruning Workshop was a big success with 50 people in attendance at Foothills Park!  ISA Board Certified Master Arborist Damon Schrosk of Treecology, Inc. volunteered his time to share his expertise with the community. Participants learned why, what, and how to prune to develop healthy, strong, and attractive trees and shrubs, and explored pruning types, proper cutting tools and techniques, and tree responses to pruning.

The next workshop, Native and Invasive Tree Identification scheduled for Saturday, July 14 is full. Pre-registration has closed. If you were unable to attend this workshop, please download our Invasive Tree Species Guide. Continue reading PLANNING & BUILDING SERVICES HIGHLIGHTS FOR JUNE 2018

Parks June week 4

essential LO opening summer concert

The first concert of the 2018 summer season featured a huge THANK YOU to our city volunteers. Parks thanks Mayor Studabaker for his participation in our fun Bob Ross promo commercial and for introducing the show. Good to see councilors Manz and LaMotte (sorry if I missed anybody, I just didn’t see you) having a good time with the crowd. The weather turned a bit but those hearty rockin’ souls that stayed were treated to an amazing sunset. Heres to a fantastic summer concert season!
Nice work EVENTS division!


Out of the creative mind of our own Cyd Fletcher come Safety Town, a week long lesson on how to navigate the world for our next generation. Thanks to Police and Fire for the help. Too cute!

Holy summer events, Batman!

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