LOCOM’s Newest Dispatcher

Lake Oswego Communications (LOCOM) welcomed Brittany Carter to the Team earlier this month.

Brittany graduated Cum Laude from Chapman University with a Bachelors in Psychology. She got to know Lake Oswego quite well while helping instruct dance at the Lake Oswego Academy of dance.

She is currently in the early stages of LOCOM’s training program. In April, she will attend the two week Basic Telecommunications Training course at the DPSST Academy.

March Week 3

Over 75 dads & daughters flooded the Palisades Gym on Friday (March 11) for the Annual Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance.  This year, little ladies celebrated an “Enchantment Under The Sea” theme by donning their best mermaid outfits, crowns and flippers (ok, not flippers).  Link to pics below!

Saturday was a busy day at Luscher Farm.  The day started with a Community Garden Work Party at 10am.  10 gardeners braved the rain and helped clear plots for new gardeners.  Then at 11am, the Kids in the Kitchen gathered to make Lentil Chili and Brownies. At 1pm, Adopt-a-Plotters assembled in the farmhouse kitchen enjoying the aroma of fresh baked Brownies for their orientation.  A group of 15 Cub Scouts and their parents enjoyed the clearer weather in the afternoon for a Campfire event. A wonderful time was had by all!

Over the weekend we had two successful work parties!  On Saturday Friends of Waluga hosted a two hour work party where 50 members and family of Lakeridge Lacrosse Team came to help improve some trails in the park.  Staff supported the event by working with the group, bring tools and bringing 40 yards of gravel! On Sunday the Friends of Woodmont volunteers showed up to help pull ivy and blackberries to protect the native plants planted last year.  Thank you to all who help our Natural Areas!  What a great weekend!


Happy St. Patty’s Day!


Employment Opportunity

The HR Department has posted a job announcement for the position of Librarian II (Reference Division). Come join a team of committed, enthusiastic and creative professionals who strive to provide excellent customer service. This position will work with colleagues to fulfill the Library’s mission. This position will close on Tuesday, April 4, 2017. More information about this position can be found on the City’s Human Resources website.

New LOPD Officer

2017 brought in the Lake Oswego Police Departments most recent Officer hire.

Officer Nicole Murray was a Recruit for the Central Point Police Department before moving to the Willamette Valley and joining the Lake Oswego patrols.

Officer Murray has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work and has stated she chose the field of study because she wants to help.

Her previous experience includes working as a dispatcher, volunteer time with a Chaplaincy Program, and working as a Mental Health Skills coach.

She has completed the Academy at DPSST and is currently in Lake Oswego Police’s Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP).

LOPD Saves a Life with Naloxone

On 3/14/2017 at 1:52am, Officers Josh Price, Drew Boggs and Mike Scott responded to a residence in Lake Grove on the report of a 32 year old male not breathing and unconscious.  LOPD officers arrived prior to medics and determined the subject had overdosed on heroin and was in danger of dying.  Officer Price administered 2 doses of Naloxone to reverse the effects of the heroin.   Shortly afterward, the subject was conscious and breathing.  He was taken to a nearby hospital for additional treatment.   

Naloxone is a drug that is meant to reverse the effects of opiate-based narcotics and is administered as a nasal spray.  A couple of years ago, LOPD officers received training on Naloxone and how to administer it to subjects who had overdosed on opiate-based drugs.  Each officer was provided a kit to carry with them and in this case it likely saved this man’s life.   

~Detective Sergeant Mike McIrvin


LOSD, LOPD and LOFD go to school together

Representatives from the Lake Oswego School District, Lake Oswego Police and Lake Oswego Fire attended a week long Emergency Management Institute class, Multi-hazard Emergency Planning for Schools.  Our City representatives collaboratively worked with the School district to help them create an all-threats/hazards school Emergency Operations Plan.

The class brought response partners and school administrators together to provide knowledge, skills and tools needed to develop, review, enhance, and sustain an Multi-hazard school EOP.   Lake Oswego School District and their police and fire partners have worked to develop their plan this past year.  They were able to refine the plan and put it into action with a series of tabletop exercises this past week.

The plan addresses the National Preparedness Goals five mission areas of Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response and Recovery.  As a result of this class the Lake Oswego School District is better equipped to manage their own disasters and to integrate into the city’s disaster response plan when events require a response from the City.

Pictured… Captain Dale Jorgenson (LOPD), Randy Miller (LOSD), Assistant Chief David Morris (LOFD), Sara DeBoy (LOSD), Chief Larry Goff (LOFD), Training Officer Mike Brady (LOPD), Patrick Tomblin (LOSD), Joe Morelock (LOSD).

It’s the final countdown!

Although the weather has been persistently dreary, cold and wet, spring is definitely in the air, which means we are embarking on the final three months of construction at the Lake Oswego Tigard Water Treatment Plant!

The following briefly outlines a schedule for major activities that remain. This is subject to change and several activities are weather dependent:

  • March: ozone system start-up and testing, paint and caulk inside ozone building, pour bases for light poles, form curbs, gutters and catch basins, install site walls, build stormwater features, install duct bank and miscellaneous piping
  • April: install site irrigation, form pedestrian pathway, install pervious pavers, grade site, pave asphalt areas (weather dependent)
  • May: install landscaping, remove mobile crane, remove construction trailers
  • Early June: complete final cleanup items, remove green security fence, open pathway after construction is complete

Recent work

Civil crews have been busy working on sidewalks, curbs, gutters and site walls on the north side of the administration building and ozone generator building.

Crews have also installed the vegetated garden roofs on the finished water pump station, administration and electrical buildings (shown below). Irrigation lines will be tested shortly for the garden roofs.

Last month, the liquid oxygen tank was filled for the first time. Although we anticipated an increase in noise during the first fill, it resulted in minimal noise and disruption.

Architectural siding is now complete for the ozone generator building. Start-up and testing of the ozone system begins soon, with the system expected to be online next month! Ozone, a powerful oxidant, destroys taste and odor causing compounds and removes more impurities found in our water supply.




March week2

Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance 2017
This annual event is a Undersea theme this year.
Saturday 6pm 3/11 at  Palisades.

Debut of the ACC Supper Club drew more than 40 people for a leisurely Sunday afternoon dinner of salad with blood oranges, feta, mint and pistachios, grilled prime rib, balsamic glazed Brussel sprouts, roasted potatoes with Parmesan and pot de crème for dessert. The ACC Slow Jam entertained with music and vocals.

Thank you to Lake Grove Garden Club who decorated and delivered 4” pots of daffodils to Lake Oswego Meals on Wheels recipients on Wednesday. This annual event brings much needed sunshine to these rainy days.
The ACC launched personalized grocery shopping trips this week. Volunteers pick up a participant at their home, take them to the grocery store, and assist them in getting their parcels in the door.

LOACC would also like to welcome Nicholette Hume filling the shoes of Berta Derman in Human Services.

There were 50 in attendance including 7 new ladies that joined for the first time!  This is an annual gathering to kick off the new golf season.  Ladies Club  play officially begins next Wednesday with tee times available between 7:30 and 10am.  This group plays 18 holes and welcomes new ladies.  Annual dues are $30 and include handicap development and maintenance, all social events, plus awards and off course opportunities.

LO Farmers Market

Clackamas County Soil and Water Conservation District awarded the Lake Oswego Farmers’ Market with a $4,500 grant!  The funds will be used to support two Market programs—Farm Fresh Kids and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Matching.  Farm Fresh Kids is designed to promote healthy eating and nutrition amongst youth.  Children ages 4-10 are invited to visit the Market information booth (staffed by Market volunteers) to answer the “Farm Fresh Question of the Day.”  Questions are designed to educate youth on the importance of eating local fresh goods and often encourage interaction with Market vendors.  Youth that answer the question correctly are awarded a $1 Market token to spend on fruits and vegetables.
In addition, a portion of the grant funds the Market’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Matching Program (SNAP).  SNAP is a program created by the federal government that provides low-income households with electronic benefits that participants may use to purchase eligible foods at grocery stores and participating Farmers’ Markets.  At LOFM, participants use their electronic benefit card to purchase $1 tokens, which may be used in lieu of cash to purchase eligible goods.  Using the Clackamas Soil & Water Conservation Dollars, the Market matches up to $10 per SNAP purchase each week.

 Hey crimefighters! Don’t forget to spring your clocks forward.



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