Vehicle Extrication Training Put to Use only two days later

The week of October 30th, Lake Oswego Fire Department conducted three consecutive training days in auto extrication. Our training was conducted at Buds Towing in Oregon City as they donated all of the vehicles for the entire week. This valuable opportunity was led by Lt. Toby Hays and D/E Nick Fiorante. We focused on all phases of auto extrication, including basic and advanced vehicle stabilization complimented with heavy extrication tools in rescuing entrapped victims.

This year’s training was primarily scenario based ranging from Basic extrication to Technical Rescue incidents. We utilized Rescue 42 Struts, T-211’s aerial device, rope systems, ground ladders, hose lines for fire protection, and our Holmatro extrication package. An incident in Lake Oswego of this nature will summons the personnel and apparatus from all four of our stations, including AMR resources.

Only two days after this training a motor vehicle crash at Carman Drive and Kruse Way put those shills to use. A pickup truck struck a traffic signal trapping the driver for over 25 minutes. The rescue efforts were successful in freeing the driver and transporting him to a local hospital.


Parks & Recreation

With near 300 Cyclocross enthusiasts participating in the 3rd annual Crosstoberfest at Luscher Farm races the event was another success for Parks & Rec. From course work by Eric and Kyle (they drove over 900 stakes around the course to tie course tape to ) to the all day party with vendors like Ancestry Brewing by the Events staff. The weather was sunny and amazing with 2 days of previous rain to soften the trails just right. Here is a snip of the fun.

Monster Mash at CCP
Parks Cultural and Events teams (Cyd and Jamie and crew) reworked the PAL-o-Ween concept that had been growing the last three years to accommodate the new CCP facility. Monster Mash is an afternoon, indoor trick-or-treating extravaganza. The kids came in droves to follow the dino foot prints through CCP and explore all the scary fun. Thanks to participating sponsors, LOFD and LOPD for helping make this event great! Check those smiles!

ORPA Conference 2018
Sun River hosted the 2018 Parks and Recreation conference. A huge variety in classes and networking opportunities met our Parkies in the high desert retreat. Conference presenters from LOPR included Cyd Fletcher, Bruce Powers and Dave Arpin.  To say the least LOPR has a huge impact on the Oregon Recreation and Parks Association. Congratulations to Jeff Monroe as the new ORPA board president and Jamie Inglis as Treasurer.



On October 2, the CC adopted Ordinance 2796, An Ordinance Annexing to the City of Lake Oswego One Parcel Consisting of 0.29 Acres at 6070 Lakeview Blvd; Declaring City of Lake Oswego Zoning Pursuant to LOC; and Removing the Territory from Certain Districts (AN 18-0011)

On October 16, the CC discussed concepts for a draft intergovernmental agreement with the cities of Tualatin and West Linn concerning the Stafford Basin.

On October 23 and 30, the CC held public hearings on an appeal of the Development Review Commission’s (DRC) decision to approve a 6-lot subdivision at 1107 Yates Street (LU 17-0084). The CC tentatively voted to uphold the DRC’s decision approving the application. The Findings are scheduled to be adopted on November 6.


On October 8, the PC:

  • Conducted a public hearing on the 2018 Annual Community Development Code Amendments (LU 18-0035); the hearing was continued to October 22 for additional testimony.
  • Received an update on amendments to the Community Development Code relating to tree preservation incentives and mitigation requirements in the Lake Grove Village Center Overlay and West Lake Grove Design District (LU 18-0059).

On October 15, the PC conducted a tour of projects approved through the Residential Infill Design Variance (RID) Process (PP 18-0006).

On October 22, the PC:

  • Conducted a public hearing on the 2018 Annual Community Development Code Amendments (LU 18-0035); the hearing had been continued from October 8. The Commission recommended final approval and adopted its Findings, Conclusion and Order for the code amendments. Council will consider this application on November 6.
  • Conducted a work session on Community Development Code Affordable Housing Incentives (PP 18-0008).

Please refer to the following web page for the current PC meeting forecast:


At its regular meeting on October 1, 2018, the DRC held public hearings on the following:

499-18-03577 [AP 18-07], a request by Justin McIver for a Type II tree removal application to remove 1 tree. The site is located at 16915 Crestview Dr. The DRC approved the written Findings, Conclusions & Order on October 15.

* * * * *

LU 18-0049, a request by Lake Grove Presbyterian Church for approval of a Conditional Use Permit for a preschool; a Development Review Permit for a Play Structure and removal of one tree to accommodate the project. The site is located at 4040 Sunset Drive. The DRC approved the Findings, Conclusions & Order on October 15, 2018.

* * * * *

 LU 18-0037, a request by the Lake Oswego School District for approval of Development Review and Conditional Use Permits to construct a new Junior Varsity (JV) softball field with associated structures, and the removal of eight trees to construct the improvements.

The site is located at 1235 Overlook Drive. The DRC received testimony and then left the record open for additional testimony and rebuttal. The continuance was continued to Monday, November 5, 2018.


In October, staff held seven pre-application conferences as follows:

  1. A request for annexation and a 3-parcel partition with flag lots on Washington Ct.
  2. A request for approval of reasonable accommodations variance to construct a tram for wheelchair access on the site located on North Shore Rd.
  3. A request for modification of an approved Development Permit for an exterior remodel of an existing commercial complex on Monroe Pkwy.
  4. A request for modification of an approved remodel of Oak Creek Elementary School on Kingsgate Rd.
  5. A request for a new detached Accessory Dwelling Unit on Lake Grove Ave.
  6. A request for a Residential Infill Design (RID) Review variances to construct a new dwelling on Maple Cir.
  7. A request to approve Development Review and Conditional Use Permit modifications to replace a grass softball field with synthetic turf and install two bullpens on Overlook Dr.


In the month of October, Planning staff reviewed 32 building permits, four sign permits and eight business licenses.


Twelve Code Enforcement cases were resolved in October without Municipal Court action.


Customer Contacts: During October, Permit Center staff served 1,073 walk-in customers and responded to 1,482 phone calls, or approximately 112 customer contacts per day. Of the walk-in customers, 48% were for Planning, 28% for Building, 19% for Engineering and 5% for other services.

Building Permit Activity: During October, Building staff issued two demolition permits for:

  1. Iron Mountain Blvd.
  2. First St

Staff received seven New Single Family Residential (NSFR) applications. In addition, eight NSFR permits were issued as follows:

  1. First St.
  2. Bayberry Rd.
  3. Seventh St.
  4. West Bay Rd.
  5. Reao Ct.
  6. Bayberry Rd.
  7. Briarwood Ln.
  8. Lake Bay Ct.

The City of Lake Oswego has been consistent for several years, turning new single family residential building permit applications around in 4-6 weeks. The above median timeline for review is from application completeness to “ready to issue”. This includes time that applicants need to address corrections required for code compliance or factors beyond the City’s control.

In addition to NSFR permits, Residential Structural Permits include remodels, additions, decks, etc., of which there were 22 issued in October by Building staff, with the median days being 24. Commercial Structural Permits include Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family and Institutional, of which there were 10 issued, with the median days being 20.

New Sidewalk on D Avenue Almost Complete!

Work on the D Avenue Improvement Project has ramped up significantly in the last few weeks. In addition to the primary contractor (Emery), there have been as many as five subcontractors working along D Avenue, and periodic visits from PGE crews at any given time.

Earlier this month, concrete crews started pouring new sidewalk along the entire ten blocks of D Avenue! Check out this video of crews pouring new sidewalk between 4th and 5th Street.

Most of the new sidewalk is now in place – located on the south side of D Avenue from State Street to 5th Street, and on the north side of D Avenue from 5th Street to 10th Street. A few small segments remain near 7th Street, but the majority of it is ready, in time for Halloween trick or treating!

Although most of the sidewalk is complete, landscaping is just getting underway, so watch for open areas and please stick to the sidewalk. Unfortunately, the new bollard lighting won’t be energized in time for October 31, but it should be activated sometime in November.

Final Paving

Last week, crews placed the final top lift of asphalt on D Avenue. 8th and 9th Streets, between D and E Avenues were also paved, along with a portion of 7th Street and 1st Street.

This week, crews paved the alley approaches and remaining driveway aprons.

There are often circumstances beyond our control that affect construction schedules. Thank you to neighbors for your continued patience and understanding during the changing paving schedule.

Stormwater Facilities and Landscaping

The landscaping subcontractor has been installing irrigation and started placing some of the soil for the rain gardens and stormwater facilities, in preparation for the new plants and trees. This work will continue over the coming weeks.

Neighbors may have noticed the large excavated areas along D Avenue – these are the stormwater facilities that will eventually be vegetated planters that filter the sediments and pollutants from street runoff, before sending it to Tryon Creek.

These are layered with open graded rock (no fine material) that allows for storage volume. An 18-inch thick layer of planting soil (shown below) will be placed on top of the rock, followed by the plants. The finish grade of the planters will slope from the road edge to the center of the planter, allowing for appropriate storage and treatment of the runoff.

More than 40 stormwater facilities are being installed along the entire length of D Avenue.

Daytime Block Closures

Crews, each with their own materials and multiple pieces of equipment, are working from one end of the project to the other. For the safety of the workers and the public, daytime (Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.) block closures are in place along the entire ten blocks of D Avenue. Most N/S intersections remain open.

We understand this is an inconvenience, but safety is our top priority and the end is near!

Restoration and Clean-up

Miscellaneous clean-up, restoration and punch-list work will take place through November and December. All work is expected to be complete in early January.


For more information, visit


LOFD Firefighters teach Firefighters from Colombia

October 10th-17th four members from Lake Oswego Fire traveled with Global Mission Readiness to El Rosal Colombia. GMR (Global Mission Readiness) is a local non-profit, founded by a member of Clackamas County Fire District #1. Battalion Chief James Doane, Lieutenant Toby Hays, Lieutenant Paul Lauritzon, and Driver/Engineer Nick Fiorante made up the four person team. The three day class covered teaching essential skills in firefighting, advancing hose-lines, safety and survival and firefighter health.

Lt. Hays has previously completed 12 teaching missions abroad, this one as the lead coordinator. Several members have served with either GMR or Northwest Medical Teams on previous training opportunities abroad. These programs allow firefighters to teach important messages that are learned here at home, improving safety and training to brothers and sisters around the world.



Officer Mayr and K-9 Szemi Graduate


On October 4th 2018, Lake Oswego Police Officer Erich Mayr and K-9 Szemi graduated from a 6 week K-9 and handler training course, totaling 240 hours. Szemi is a three year old German shepherd male dog that was imported from Hungary.  Part of the training program focused on area, building, and article searches. K-9 Szemi and Officer Mayr sharpened their tracking and apprehension skills, as well as their vehicle extraction techniques, high finds, door pops and checks, muzzle fights, and water deployments. They also trained for unfavorable environments, such as zero light, slick floors, and steep stairs. And of course, K9 Szemi practiced some obedience training. The team is now certified and working patrol together.  A big thank you to the Gresham Police Department and Officer Shawn Debler for instructing the course.


Parks & Recreation

Parks Maintenance is constantly doing great work sustaining and improving the look of Lake Oswego. This weeks featured project is parking. Luscher Farm garden parking lot and The Public Golf Course parking lots received the royal treatment to keep the car organized before fall weather sets in.

LUSCHER Field Trip
Bethlehem Preschool visited the farm on this beautiful Friday. This kids and parents visited several stations that Dawn Grunwald set up to teach about organic gardening and what we do at Luscher Farm.
The kids made Scarecrows as a craft activity.

The ‘Indoor Play’ program ran by Cydny Fletcher continues to grow. Inviting kids from 0-4 to enjoy clean indoor fun and craft Indoor Play has swelling numbers at the new Cummins Hall room at CCP Center.

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