About the Project


The historic First Addition Neighborhood (FAN) of Lake Oswego suffers from chronic localized flooding, deteriorating roadways and minimal pedestrian amenities.

The 2009 First Addition Neighborhood Drainage Report identified several projects throughout the neighborhood necessary to address inadequate stormwater infrastructure, help alleviate areas of localized flooding and to provide direction to the City towards meeting regulatory water quality requirements.

The rehabilitation of D Avenue is an identified next step which builds upon other recent street rehabilitation projects, including A Avenue and B Avenue.

D Avenue is an east-to-west thoroughfare, linking businesses in the southeast to the library in central FAN, to a pathway on 10th Street and eventually to Forest Hills Elementary School.

Project Details

The D Avenue Improvement Project will address stormwater drainage issues, pedestrian access and safety, and poor pavement conditions on D Avenue from State Street to 10th Street.

The project will rebuild the road and incorporate stormwater treatment and piped facilities to capture and treat surface water flows. The improved D Avenue storm drain system will serve as the “backbone” for the entire northern portion of First Addition Neighborhood (FAN).

The project will benefit Tryon Creek and improve areas in the neighborhood that experience flooding or drainage issues. The project also includes pedestrian improvements to provide walking connections within the neighborhood, providing safe, American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant pedestrian passage for school children, residents visiting the library and those choosing to visit downtown businesses.

Additional work includes stormwater, waterline and pavement improvements on 1st Street between D/E Avenues. 7th Street between B/D Avenues and the area bounded by 8th/9th Streets and D/E Avenues will also receive stormwater improvements only.

Project Benefits

  • Reduce localized flooding
  • Improve treatment of stormwater runoff and drainage
  • Provide a safe pedestrian passage
  • Improve driving surface on D Avenue

Project Map

Learn more about what is happening now by visiting our project updates page.