Surveyors and Crews Begin Preliminary Work on D Ave

Beginning in November, surveyors and crews will begin preliminary field work, collecting information in the D Avenue area. Neighbors in the FAN neighborhood may see crews taking photos, surveying the area for elevation and locations of underground utilities, mapping and assessing the health of trees, installing groundwater monitors, and gathering other information to inform the design work and future construction. Crews will not be out the week of Thanksgiving.

You may notice the following:

  • A few half day road closures will occur on D Avenue one block at a time, while crews install groundwater monitors, collect soil samples and conduct exploratory digging; flaggers or signage will direct drivers around the block or assist local neighbors with access.
  • Trees may be flagged during survey work. We will be looking at how to minimize any impact to trees and will have an arborist working with the team.
  • Underground utilities will be marked with paint on the street, shoulder or in the grass in the public right-of-way. Marks will disappear overtime, but these are necessary to complete our survey for use in design and later construction.
  • Wooden stakes with flags will be left at some places along the project area. These may indicate public right-of-way, property lines, drainage issues or other considerations. Please don’t remove the stakes.

If you have any questions, please contact the project team.