D Avenue Road Closure Now Expected to Start July 16

With minor work taking place this week, and some outstanding storm inlets and other miscellaneous work remaining, crews are now expecting to start the road excavation work the week of July 16.

This will result in full (24/7) road closures in multiple block segments along D Avenue for up to eight weeks. The first segment to close will be from 1st Street to 4th Street. The second segment will be from 4th to 7th, the third from 7th to 10th and final segment from State to 1st.

Neighborhood Access

At most times during this closure, the contractor will maintain north/south access through the intersections of D Avenue at 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Streets (see map below). There will be short-term closures at these intersections while crews excavate the road. 1st Street, between D and E Avenues, will also be closed temporarily (up to three days) during the first base lift of paving.

D Avenue Residents

Access for residents living in the closed areas on D Avenue will be maintained at most times, but there will be periods where driveways are blocked.

Access to D Avenue from alleys will be closed—alleys will be barricaded at D Avenue. Neighbors will need to access alleys from E or C Avenue.

On street-parking will be prohibited along D Avenue – neighbors will need to park on a side street.

We understand how inconvenient and disruptive construction is and we thank you for your patience while we make these important improvements.

General Information

Allowed work hours are 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday to Friday.

With all the work taking place in the neighborhood, please be alert, drive safely, choose another route and plan ahead for travel delays.

Construction schedules change frequently. We will strive to keep residents informed through these regular updates.

For more information about what to expect during construction, review the latest newsletter or contact the project team.