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Throughout 2017, the project team, consisting of city staff, consultants, engineers and landscape architects, worked with neighbors and stakeholders to develop designs for the project.

A public open house was held in May 2017 to seek feedback and community comments on initial design concepts. A second open house was held in October 2017. The project team provided an update to City Council on November 7, 2017.

We will need to balance stormwater management needs, travel safety and pedestrian accessibility, neighbor desires for parking, compatible landscaping, mature tree preservation and more.

As the project progresses, design materials and maps will be posted on the website, along with periodic updates and opportunities for public involvement.

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Final design was completed in early 2018. Construction is expected to begin spring 2018 and take about a year or so to complete. A public meeting to introduce the contractor and share information about construction will be scheduled spring 2018, before work begins.