Get Involved

The City and project team has worked diligently to include neighbors and stakeholders in the design development and respond to requests or concerns. Two neighbor walking tours, two public open houses, numerous face-to-face meetings and extensive field work helped inform the final designs of the project. The project has had great public participation and overall there is strong awareness and support for the project. Many neighbors are excited about the rain gardens, landscaping, sidewalk and overall roadway design.

The City and project team put forth a great effort in juggling all competing interests by working with individual property owners to shift elements of the design, in order to minimize tree removal,  avoid impacts to healthy trees, provide essential parking and manage the difficult task of capturing and treating stormwater runoff  along the entire length of the corridor.

Thank you to all the neighbors who have participated, shared your thoughts, concerns and ideas on improvements for the project. We appreciate your willingness to be involved and have enjoyed working with each of you to develop the design.

Meet the D Avenue Project Contractor – Meeting on April 26, 2018

Construction of the project is expected to start the first week of May.  We hope you can join us on April 26 to meet representatives from Emery and Sons Construction Group and learn more about upcoming construction in the neighborhood.

Click here for more information about the meeting.

We encourage you to attend the “meet the contractor meeting”, view the final plans, sign-up to receive our periodic updates or contact us with any questions!