Project Schedule

Overall Work Plan

Construction started in early May 2018 and is expected to continue through fall 2018. Construction schedules change frequently due to weather, issues in the field, and other variables. For the latest information, visit the project updates page or sign-up to the e-newsletter.

Emery and Son’s (general contractor) underground utility work was completed in early July. Major road reconstruction work began in mid-July, which resulted in a full 24/7 road closure. For this work, crews started on D Avenue at 1st Street and worked west to 10th, then looped back to do the block between State and 1st.

During the major road work, one crew will excavate the road/existing asphalt, re-install the base with rock, then move up to the next segment. Concrete crews would then arrive to form the concrete edging/valley gutters/curbs, and move onto the next segment. The next activity will be the first base layer of paving. After this,  crews will pour the sidewalk and construct the stormwater planters, then final paving (likely late September). The final activity would be planting the final landscaping and installing the lighting (in the fall).

Full road closures will be needed along D Avenue in order for crews to conduct the work in a phased approach. Emery expects the full closures to be in place for up to eight weeks (expected to start in mid-July). During this period, at most times, the contractor will maintain north/south access through the intersections of D Avenue at 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th (refer to road closure map below).  The work in the intersections will require flagged traffic at that time.

Unfortunately, construction is disruptive, especially to those nearest the work. The project includes stormwater and waterline installation, roadway demolition, roadway surface preparation and grading, concrete formwork, concrete placement, concrete curing, asphalt paving and significant landscape and irrigation work. This means crews will be in front of each property along D Avenue many times over the project duration.

We appreciate all neighbors abiding by traffic control signage and avoiding active construction areas for the safety of all.

For more information about what to expect during construction, review the March 2018 newsletter.

The City and contractor will strive to keep neighbors aware of the ever-changing construction activities. The best way to stay up to date is by signing up to our email listserv or visiting our project updates page. If you have a special access need we should be aware of, please contact us.