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City of Lake Oswego
Willamette River railroad bridge

Key Documents and Reports

Title Department
Fire Lanes and Access Roads Fire
Foothills Park Pavilion Rental Parks and Recreation
George Rogers Park Site Plan Parks and Recreation
Golf Study (2004) Parks and Recreation
Handouts & Guides Building
Hazelia Field & Dog Park Preferred Plan (2006) Parks and Recreation
Historic Resource Protection Plan - 1989 Planning
Historic Review Handout Planning
Home Occupation Handout Planning
Hydrant Flow Information Fire
Indoor Tennis Facility Operations Analysis (2012) Parks and Recreation
Infill Design Handbook Planning
Instructions for Preparing Mailing Labels Planning
Iron Mountain Blvd Site Master Plan (1983) Parks and Recreation
IRS Imposter Scams Police
January 2013 Building Activity Report Building
January 2013 Building Revenue Report Building
Job Descriptions Human Resources
July 2012 Building Activity Report Building
July 2012 Building Revenue Report Building
Labor Agreements Human Resources
Lake Grove Urban Renewal Plan Redevelopment Agency
Lake Oswego Codes City Attorney
Lake Oswego Economic Development Strategy - 2010 Business
Lake Oswego Organizational Chart City Manager
Lake Oswego Public Contract Index City Attorney
Lake Oswego Stormwater Management Manual 2016 Public Works
Lake Oswego Strategic Marketing Plan - 2010 Business
Lake Oswego Surface Water Management Master Plan (1992) Public Works
LOPedia City Manager
LORA - Urban Renewal Budget Finance
Lot Line Adjustment Handout Planning
Low-Income Assistance Adult Community Center
Lunch Menus Adult Community Center
Luscher Farm Site Master Plan (1997) Parks and Recreation
March 2013 Building Activity Report Building
March 2013 Building Revenue Report Building
Master Fees and Charges Finance
Mechanical Equipment Handout Planning
Mechanical Permit Application (Residential or Commercial) Building
Millennium Plaza Park Pergola Rental Parks and Recreation
Modification to Development Permit Handout Planning
National Flood Insurance Program Public Works
Native and Invasive Plant List Planning
Natural Resources Planning
Neighborhood Association Program Planning
Neighborhood Enhancement Program Grants Planning
Neighborhood Meeting Notice Requirements Packet (06/30/2017) Planning
Neighborhood Planning Planning
New Construction Checklist Fire