Favorite with EL Tips: This Is the Nest that Robin Built by Denise Fleming

Robin’s animal friends provide her with lots of help in building her nest in this cumulative story for older toddlers and preschoolers  based on The House That Jack Built. Plenty of descriptive and interesting language advance the tale, and colorful and intricate illustrations created with print-making techniques add to the appeal. (Early literacy tips: Encourage listeners to say some of the repeating sentences with you; point to the words in bold as you read them; introduce new vocabulary as you discuss the illustrations.) Place hold.


Favorite with EL Tips: Splish, Splash, Ducky! by Lucy Cousins

Short rhyming sentences and brightly colored illustrations of smiling, stylized animals are featured in this engaging book for toddlers that introduces pond animals. Duck’s quaking refrain will have young listeners quacking right along! (Early literacy tips: Emphasize rhymes as you read; point to the names of the animals as you read them and to their pictures; count the animals in the pictures; identify colors.)

Place hold.

Favorite with EL Tips: Little Blue Truck’s Springtime by Alice Schertle

Toad and Little Blue Truck welcome all the new baby farm animals in this colorful lift-the-flap board book for toddlers. Rhyming text encourages a sing-song reading, and the engaging, detailed pictures will invite listeners to linger on the pages. (Early literacy tips: Emphasize the rhymes as you read; point to the recurring words as you read them; introduce new vocabulary as you discuss the content of the pictures; count the animals in the pictures.) Place hold.


Favorite with EL Tips: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Car by Kate Dopirak

Readers will reflexively sing this bedtime book to the tune of the title’s suggested nursery rhyme, which will make it that more engaging for toddlers.  Stylized illustrations with lots of geometric shapes feature a variety of smiling vehicles that wish Little Car good night. (Early literacy tips: Introduce new vocabulary by talking about the colors, shapes and content of the illustrations; point to the words for vehicles as you read them and then to their pictures; if reading the text rather than singing it, emphasize the rhyming words!) Place hold.

Favorite with EL Tips: Shake the Tree by Chiara Vignocchi

Little mouse shakes a fox out of a tree instead of a coveted acorn, setting off a chain of events that brings down ever larger animals in this humorous story for older toddlers and preschoolers. The text prompts listeners to make shaking movements along with the animals, and many illustrations advance the story with no words, inviting listeners to describe what’s happening. (Early literacy tips: Point to the repeating words as you read them; ask readers to describe the action in the pictures; encourage listeners to make shaking movements with the animals; ask listeners to predict what might happen after an animal shakes the tree.) Place hold.


Favorite with El Tips: A Day with Pepe & Millie by Yayo Kawamura

A dog and cat engage in everyday activities in this colorful board book for toddlers that includes sliding pieces for small fingers to move. Cartoon style illustrations feature plenty of items to identify. (Early literacy tips: Introduce vocabulary by describing the illustrations; talk about what happens when the sliding pieces are moved.) Place hold.
Also see: Play Hide and Seek with Pepe & Millie.


Favorite with El Tips: Ducks Away! by Mem Fox

One by one, five ducklings join their mother on a bridge and then, one by one, end up in the water in this simple counting book for toddlers. Sparely-drawn yellow ducks with big orange feet and bills have a rubber ducky look that give the illustrations a light-hearted feel. Some new vocabulary is presented, and number words are highlighted in orange. (Early literacy tips: Count the ducks as they appear and point to the number words as you read them; hold up fingers to indicate numbers.) Place hold.

Favorite with El Tips: Construction by Cocoretto

Brightly-colored, geometric illustrations and easy-to-lift full-page flaps will engage young listeners in this board book about construction vehicles. Simple, spare text introduces each vehicle and what it does. Clearly-drawn objects in the illustrations invite listeners to name them before the identifying words are read. (Early literacy tips: Point to the words as you read them; introduce additional vocabulary by describing the vehicles and naming colors and shapes.) Place hold.
Other books in the Wheels At Work series: Emergency; City; Farm.


Favorite with EL Tips: Mighty Tug by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

The many big jobs of a little tugboat are described in this colorful book for toddlers and preschoolers. Stylized illustrations depict a variety of smiling boats needing Little Tug’s help. The text includes  new vocabulary words, including the names of different boats. Several pages feature words representing boat and water sounds. (Early literacy tips: Point to the onomatopoeia words as you read them and emphasize the letter sounds; introduce additional vocabulary as you describe the pictured boats and activity in the harbor; encourage listeners to draw a picture of a boat and name/label its parts.)  Place hold.

Favorite with EL Tips: Every Color Soup by Jorey Hurley

The ingredients for vegetable soup are depicted in simply drawn illustrations in this inviting, straightforward book about common foods and colors for toddlers.  Most page spreads present one ingredient and the word for its color, with ending spreads featuring the word and picture for a cooking action.  A recipe for vegetable soup is provided. (Early literacy tips: Identify the items and foods in the pictures; point to the word on each page as you read it; name other foods with the identified colors.) Place hold.