Baby Storytime 12/15/2017

Books of the Week:
Today we read Ten Little Fingers by Annie Kubler, Boats by Byron Barton, and Hello,Ocean Friends by Violet Lemay.

Rhyme of the Week:
Go bananas!
Go, go, bananas!
Bananas unite!
Bananas split!
Bananas to the left!
Bananas to the right!
Peel a banana,
And take a little bite!

Early Literacy Tip of the Week:
Read! It’s only natural for babies to chew on books; they chew on everything! Chewing is a natural form of exploration for young children. Reacting with an “oh no, don’t do that!”leaves baby thinking it must not be good to explore books. Board books are great for withstanding all of that exploration. ūüôā

Fun for Ones: 12/07/2017

When the cold wind blows and the temperatures drop, everyone dreams of being snug and warm. And Carol Thompson thinks about being snug in more ways than one; a slug in the mud, peas in a pod, bulbs in the ground, and most importantly wrapped up in a hug.

Our one year olds had fun today as they snuggled in the laps of their caregivers, parents and grandparents.



Literacy Tip: Readers are made on the laps of their loved ones. The special connection children make between being loved and being read to is a huge part of their future success when learning to read. So take advantage of these dark sleepy months and spend a few more minutes than usual in a cozy chair with a few books.

Music: And to carry¬†out the theme today we talked about lullabies. Specifically the Rockabye Baby! series which includes lullaby renditions of musicians such as Adele, The Beatles, Kanye West, Michael Jackson, The Eagles and more. You can’t start them too young on “the classics.”

Favorite with EL Tips: Singing In The Rain

This beloved song will bring smiles to everyone’s face. Using a rainbow of raincoats and umbrellas and happy children, Tim Hopgood, celebrates everything wonderful about rain. The children jump in puddles, run through the jungle and float on the clouds. This beautiful interpretation¬†will ensure that¬†this classic song lives on for generations to come.¬†(literacy tip: singing with children is a terrific way to introduce the rhythm of language, it’s great fun and doesn’t require any special equipment or cost any money.) place hold.

Fun For Ones: 10/12/2017

You can never have enough bags, right?¬†Bags for your library books, bags for your groceries, bags for your art supplies and of course a sleeping bag. In Clive¬†and His Bags¬†there is one for¬†every adventure he embarks on alone or with his friends. And he is happy to share everything that’s inside.



Literacy Tip: A good bag can be your saving grace. Fill it with books and you’ll never be at a loss for words.


Fun For Ones: 8/24/2017


The Sun and The Moon have been on everyone’s mind this week. In particular, who is awake when the sun is shining, and who is awake when it’s not. In this graphically beautiful board book, Sunrise, Moonrise by Betsey Thompson, the sun comes up and goes down. It is a perfect way to talk about the cycle of the day with your toddler.

Literacy tip: Look for something on every page that is not identified by the words. Point it out and talk about how it relates to the rest of what is in the picture. What do Squirrels eat? What do they do with acorns in the Fall.

Sometimes the best song is an old one:
Sunrise Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof makes a wonderful lullaby.


Baby Storytime 7/14/2017

Books of the Week:
Inspired by the warm sunny day, we read the book Sun by Carol Thompson. We also read the classic Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin.

Rhyme of the Week:
Pease porridge hot, pease porridge cold.
Pease porridge in the pot, nine days old.
Some like it hot, some like it cold.
Some like it in the pot, nine days old.

Early Literacy Tip of the Week:
Play! Let your baby create art while getting some tummy time! Put a piece of paper into a zip-up plastic baggie and squirt some paint inside. Lay your baby on her tummy in front of the plastic and let her create art without getting messy when she touches the baggie with her hands.

Baby Storytime 6/16/2017

Books of the Week:
Today we read Trucks by Byron Barton and Peekaboo in the Jungle by Cocoretto.

Rhyme of the Week:
Tick tock, tick tock, I’m a little cuckoo clock,
Tick tock, tick tock, now the time is one o’clock,
Cuckoo! (lift baby in air)

Early Literacy Tip of the Week:
Talk! Narrate what you do as you go about your day; make breakfast, as you tie your shoes, use new words to describe what you do.