Pay Your Utility Bill - EasyPay

The City's Finance Department has a secure, safe, and easy way for its utility customers to pay their bills automatically. The program is called EasyPay.

Using EasyPay, customers receive the bill, but their bank pays for it out of funds from their savings, checking, Visa, or MasterCard account. Payments are made on the due date listed on the bill.

By using the EasyPay program, utility customers will have one less check to write, they can save on the envelopes and stamps, and they can eliminate that extra trip to the post office or City Hall. Customers have plenty of time to review the bill and call the City with any questions before the payment is due.

When making the transition to the EasyPay program, customers should continue to pay utility bills in the usual way until they receive a bill that says "AutoPay Do Not Pay" in the lower right portion of the bill. This indicates the bill is being paid through the bank account. See the attached flyer for EasyPay information.

To cancel the service a customer may simply call the Utility Billing Department at 503-635-0265 in time for the City and ones bank to act on the request. For the City, a phone call will suffice, but the bank may require written notice. Be sure to allow enough time for both organizations to process the request.

An application form for the EasyPay program that may be printed and mailed in is available below. A voided blank check for checking account withdrawal, or a deposit slip for savings account withdrawal should be mailed in with the application form. A deposit slip should not be submitted for withdrawals from a checking account -- only a voided check.

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Have your utility bill emailed to you and avoid receiving a paper bill in the mail (see attached flyer). Paperless billing is environmentally friendly, quick, and convenient. Send us your utility account name, account number, and email address to: or fill out the easy online authorization form by clicking on the link below.

Otherwise, the customer may call the Utility Department at 503-635-0265, if interested in signing up for this convenient and hassle-free program.

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