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Water Consumption Cost Calculator

City of Lake Oswego Oregon Official Website

Interested in learning how your consumption impacts the amount water bill. Below is a rate calculator for a residential consumer in a single family home.

The City of Lake Oswego has a tiered water billing structure. This means that as your water consumption reaches higher amounts, the water gets more expensive. A tiered water billing structure was adopted as a way to encourage conservation of a precious resources - water. In entering usage, a residential consumer that lives in a single family home can see how a bill is impacted by consumption that is in Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 levels.

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Note: The Calculator includes the fixed rate of $24.96 for fiscal year 2015-2016. Cost represents monthly billing cost.


Example - Impact of Tier 3 Usage vs Fixed Rate Changes Over Time

The water bill is calculated by both a fixed rate and a variable rate based on consumption. The costs for consumption are tiered, meaning water gets more expensive as more is consumed. Here is how consumption and the tiered rate impact the water bill:

  • The typical consumer is a single family home that consumes 9.8 ccf (10 ccf with 2% conservation savings) or 7,330 gallons of water per bill. The typical consumer has no water usage in Tier 3 and only 3.6 ccf in Tier 2.  The typical consumer has a water bill (fixed and variable based on usage) of $95 (rounded).
  • If a household uses 69 ccf, their bill is going to be about $278 dollars higher than a typical user.  With $236 of their bill being from Tier 3 water consumption levels.
  • If someone has consumed consistently, the increase in cost of Tier 3 water will be more noticeable than increase in the fixed rate.
    • In 2009, 37 ccf in Tier 3 cost $101. In 2013 it costs $236.
      • In 2009, the Tier 3 rate per ccf was $2.74 per ccf.
      • The current Tier 3 rate is $6.38 per ccf.
    • The fixed portion of the bill has gone up $13 since 2009.


Water Rates

Your consumption level can be found in the Water Usage section of your Utility Bill. The fixed rate for single family residential customers is $24.96 per monthly bill (2015-2016 Fiscal Year).  The rest of the bill is based on consumption.


Monthly Consumption Level Cost Per 100 Cubic Feet (CCF)
Tier 1:  0-8 ccf $2.62/ccf
Tier 2:  9-16  ccf $3.77/ccf
Tier 3:  over 17 ccf $7.06/ccf