Gas Leak Stopped without Incident in Lake Oswego

Northwest Natural Gas was able to stop a leak at 13607 Fielding Road in Lake Oswego this afternoon. The leak was caused by a plumber who was using a saw to cut a drain pipe and accidently hit the gas line that was directly below it. The leak was located about 4 feet from the house and natural gas was leaking into the house. The home owners who were home at the time evacuated and called 9-1-1. When firefighters arrived they could hear the gas leaking and noticed a strong odor of gas. Additional personnel were requested due to the location and the home being up a steep long driveway. Firefighters pulled hose lines as a precaution and stood by while NW Natural located and crimped the line.

No injuries were reported and the house was ventilated by opening doors and windows.

Photo/sound file: (Pipe that plumber was cutting)
Photo/sound file: (NW Natural digging for the pipe. Gas leak noise in the background)
Photo/sound file: (Firefighters get ready to deploy hoses)

Initial alarm time: 12:27
Request for additional personnel: 1:14
Gas leak stopped: 2:29

News Release from the Lake Oswego Fire Department
Issued on Flashnews on February 22 at 4:30 p.m.