Ordinance 2621 - Fireworks

City Enacts New Fireworks Ordinance

In May 2013, the City of Lake Oswego enacted a new City Ordinance to address the sale, possession or use of certain fireworks within the City limits. While it has always been illegal to sell, possess or use these same fireworks in the State of Oregon, this new ordinance makes those actions a City Code violation, which can result in a presumptive fine of $295 or up to $500. The Police and Fire Departments plan to enforce this new ordinance this fireworks season, so please don’t put yourself in the position to cause injury, damage or to receive a citation.

Legal Fireworks
These produce only smoke, sparks or fire. Examples are base fountains, cone fountains, wheels, and ground bloom flowers.

Illegal Fireworks
These explode, eject balls of fire, fly into the air, or travel more than six feet on the ground or 12 inches into the air. Examples include Roman candles, Fire Crackers, sky lanterns, mortars and bottle rockets.

For more information, call the Fire Department at 503-635-0275.