Recreational Burn

The fire department recommends the use of an approved manufactured fireplace or fire pit. Requirements for these types of fireplaces would include the safety information listed in the manufacturers instructions.



The Fire Department Recommends the Following For Safety


Locate the fire a minimum of 25 feet from any structure.  Additionally, prior to ignition, eliminate conditions that could cause fire to spread to a minimum of 25 feet from any combustible materials.

The maximum dimensions of the woodpile shall be less than 2 ft in height and less than 3 ft in diameter.
(Larger fires are considered “Bon Fires” which have different rules and require a permit from the fire department.)

The fire should be attended at all times by an adult until completely extinguished.

Its recommended to have a screen covering the fire pit to prevent embers from flying up in the air.

It is NOT authorized to burn domestic rubbish, refuse or combustible waste such as paper, cartons, rags, lumber, oils, plastics, foliage, stubble, composition roofing or siding, rubber, or other objectionable materials.