Vehicle Drives Into Lake Oswego Post Office

A small sized pickup truck drove into the Lake Oswego post office at 501 4th Ave just before 10 am today. The driver was pulling into the parking spot and for unknown the vehicle did not stop. One of the mail carrier who was sorting mail just on the other side of the wall was slightly injured by a falling sorting table. She was taken by a co-worker to the emergency room to get checked out. The damage was to a metal framed front and did not compromise the structure. Firefighters cleared the scene after 20 minutes and turned over the scene to the Post Master who was getting a construction company to board up the large hole in the wall.

Posted via FlashAlert: January 28th, 2013 11:28 AM
Photo/sound file: (Close-up of damage)
Photo/sound file: (Video of inside of post office)
Photo/sound file: (Video of outside of post office)
Photo/sound file: (Outside post office)
Photo/sound file: (Inside post office)