Grow Your Vegetable Garden in Containers

Saturday, September 9, 2017 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

On Saturday, September 9 Maggie Stuckey, author of The Bountiful Container, which Sunset magazine calls “the definitive work” on the subject, explains everything you need to know to grow a delicious garden of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and edible flowers in containers.   

We all know how delightful it is to walk outside and pick ingredients for tonight’s dinner from our own garden. But what if you live in an apartment, with no real garden space? Solution: grow your garden in containers. It’s also a good solution for people whose regular garden has too little space or too little sunlight. And it’s a real help for gardeners with sore backs, tired knees, and other mobility concerns.

She starts by covering all the basics: types of containers, soil, fertilizer, watering, diseases and pests, and answers all questions along the way. Then, in the second half of the program, Maggie will do a hands-on demonstration, in which she pots up a container garden of mixed plants (veggies, herbs, edible flowers), explaining the details as she goes: how to choose the best plants for containers and how to create a small garden that is beautiful as well as productive.

And the best part: Everyone in the audience will have their names entered into a drawing, and some lucky person gets to take the finished container garden home.