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If You Liked Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cover
Author Book Title
Adler, David Danny's Doodles
Amato, Mary Riot Brothers series
Angelberger, Tom The Strange Case of Origami Yoda series
Applegate, Katherine Roscoe Riley series
Baker, Kimberly PICKLE:  The Formerly Anonymous Prank Club of ...
Barshaw, Ruth Ellie McDoodle series
Bass, Guy Dinkin Dings series
Becker, Suzy Kate the Great, Except When She's Not
Benton, Jim Dear Dumb Diary series
Frannie K. Stein series
Bruel, Nick Bad Kitty series
Campbell, L.A. Cartboy series
Child, Lauren Clarice Bean series
Cooper, Rose Gossip From the Girls' Room
Rumors From the Boys Room
Cotler, Steve Cheesy Mack
Fry, Michael The Odd Squad
Greenwald, Tom Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading series
Griffiths, Andy 13 Story Treehouse
Guibert, Emmanuel Sardine in Outer Space
Gutman, Dan My Weird School series
Haddon, Mark Boom!
Holm, Jennifer Eighth Grade is Making Me Sick
Ignatow, Amy Popularity Papers series
Kerrin, Jessica Scott Martin Bridge series
Knudson, Mike Raymond and Graham series
Kowitt, Holly Loser List and sequel
Mack, Jeff Clueless McGee
Marcionette, Jake Just Jake
May, Kyla Kiki:  My Stylish Life
McDonald, Megan Stink series
Moss, Marissa Amelia's Notebook series
Daphne's Diary of Daily Disaster
Pastis, Stephen Timmy Failure
Patterson, James Middle School, the Worse Years of My Life series
Peirce, Lincoln Big Nate series
Pennypacker Sara Clementine series
Stuart series
Potter, Ellen Otis Dooda:  Strange but True
Russell, Rachel Dork Diaries series
Sachar, Louis Wayside School series
Scieszka, Jon Spaceheadz series
Simon, Francesca Horrid Henry series
Skye, Obert Wonkenstein and sequel
Small, Charlie Adventures of Charlie Small series
Tashijian, Janet My Life as a Book series
Trine, Greg Melvin Beederman, Superhero series
Vail, Rachel Justin Case and sequel
Van Draanen, Wendelin Shredderman series
Vernon, Ursula Dragonbreath series
Watson, Tom Stick Dog
Weiner, Ellis The Templeton Twins Have an Idea
Whybrow, Ian Little Wolf series
Wight, Eric Frankie Pickle series
Winkler, Henry Hank Zipper series
Young, Karen Romano Stuck in the Middle (of Middle School)