Languages & Travel

Learn a Language: 

With Pronunciator you can start learning a language today! Create your own log-in and keep track of your lessons.  Start and stop learning at your own convenience.  There are no due dates, and it is always available!

You can also check out language learning CDs and books from the library.  Most of these are located in the 400s section of the nonfiction collection on the second floor. Access the library catalog to place these on hold or call the Reference Desk at 503.675.2540 and a librarian will do so for you.

Reinforce your reading skills by checking out books written in the language of your choice. The library has books in several languages located in the 860s section of the library, and librarians can get you other titles via interlibrary loan. Again,check the library catalog or call the reference desk at 503.675.2540.

Plan a Trip

The library has an excellent collection of travel DVDs and travel guide books covering both national and international destinations. Most of these are located in the 910s section of the library. Also available in hard copy are many travel maps for check out. Take a look at the wealth of links in our Travel Guide for tips and resources on many travel-related topics.