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LAZINFEST = Adult Summer Reading

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LAZINFEST is our Summer Reading program for adults.  Read books!  Win prizes!  Escape reality!


Adult Summer Reading Program

LAZINFEST? In a nutshell, it's our adult summer reading program.
You read books, you fill out a form for each book you read, then we draw for prizes.  Easy.  Fun.

Sign up at the librarian's desk on the library's main floor beginning Monday, June 2.  Registration closes August 31, and anything read between June 2 and August 31 counts!

Need more details? Here's the FINE PRINT.

Who is eligible to win our prizes?

If a reader is age 18 or over, has a LINCC library card, and has registered as a participant in our Adult Summer Reading Program, each form they fill out or email (listing one book read) counts as one chance to win a prize.

Alas, employees of the Lake Oswego Public Library are not eligible to win prizes.

How do readers participate?

For each book read or listened to, participants may fill out an official prize drawing entry form.  All required information must be entered on the form in order to be entered in the drawing.  Required information:  Name, Contact Info, Book Title.  The form is placed in the official prize drawing Entry Box.  Alternatively, those who find it difficult to visit the library regularly may instead send one email for each book read (again, listing the title of book read, participant’s name, and participant’s contact info) to

How and when can people register to participate in the Adult Summer Reading Program?

Participants can register June 2 through August 31, at the Adult Services/Fiction Desk on the main floor, which is generally staffed all hours the library is open.  To register, staff enters the participant’s card number in the Adult Summer Reading Signup Log.  Participants may register by supplying their card number in person or by telephone or electronic communication.

Must participants read books in the library’s collection?


How long does a book have to be to count for the drawing?

We usually consider a ‘book’ a volume of 175 pages or more, but we don’t check up on this.  It’s up to you.

What’s the scoop on prizes?

            To determine the winners of 13 smaller prizes, a library staff member will draw once weekly from the entry forms submitted that week.  In the course of the summer, an individual may win only one weekly prize.  However, all entries (including those of winners drawn throughout the summer) will be entered in the Grand Prize drawing.  We plan to draw the winning entry for the Grand Prize in early September.  All winners will be notified via telephone, email, or postal mail.  There is no need to be present at a drawing to win any of our Adult Summer Reading Program prizes.  All prizes will be held for winners until the end of October, 2014.  Prizes not claimed by November 1, must, alas, be forfeited.

Our Grand Prize is a gift certificate for a stay at the Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport on the Oregon Coast.  Weekly prizes include gift cards for books (Powells Books) and edibles (Chuck's Place).



• You have the right never to apologize for your reading tastes.
• You have the right to read anything you want.
• You have the right to read anywhere you want... in the bathtub, in the car, in the grocery store, under the porch, or while walking the dog.
• You have the right to read in bed. Under the covers. With a flashlight.
• You have the right to carry books in your baggage at all times.
• You have the right to read in exotic settings.
• You have the right to move your lips when you read.
• You have the right to read the good parts out loud to your nearest and dearest.
• You have the right to refuse to read the good parts out loud to your nearest and dearest.
• You have the right to read and eat at the same time. (This right, however, does not include the right to use food as a bookmark when you are reading library books. Even if it's the very best potato salad.)
• You have the right to read naked. 
• You have the right to read as many books as you want at the same time.
• You have the right to throw any book on the floor and jump up and down on it (provided that you paid for it first).
• You have the right to ignore the critics at the New York Review of Books.
• More importantly, you have the right to ignore the critics in your immediate family.
• You have the right to stop reading a book whenever you decide it's not worth the effort, or that you simply don't like it.
• You have the right to refuse to read any book anyone else picks out for you. Even if it's a birthday present. (This is associated with your right to refuse to wear any necktie or perfume you receive as a gift.)
• You have the right to skip all the boring parts.
• You have the right to read the last chapter first.
• You have the right to read the last chapter first and then put the book back on the shelf.
• You have the right to refuse to read any book where you don't like the picture of the author.

FINALLY, and most important:
• If you do not have a book of your own, your tax dollars will ensure that that you have access to one through your local public library.

This Bill of Rights (origin unknown) has been brought to you by the librarians of the Lake Oswego Public Library.  For more helpful stuff along these lines, contact Kiira K. Taylor at the Lake Oswego Public Library, 706 4th Street, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034, 503-697-6581,

 * ‘Lesen’ (pronounced LAZIN or LAY-zen) is the German word meaning “to read.”