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Supernatural/Horror April 2014

Silver by Chris Wooding

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New in April 2014

Let the Storm Break by Shannon Messenger (Sequel to Let the Sky Fall)
While Vane discovers more of what it means to be a windwalker and his guardian sylph Audra struggles with her deepest desires, both must band together to face greater challenges than they have ever known.

The Wicked Within by Kelly Keaton (Book 3, Darkness Becomes Her)
In post-apocalyptic New Orleans, Ari continues her desperate quest to break the gorgan curse that has plagued the women in her family for centuries, but the relic both she and Athena seek to control is missing, amid rumors that an ancient power is n the rise.

Dreams of Gods & Monsters by Laini Taylor (Book 3, Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy)
When a brutal angel army trespasses into the human world, Karou and Akiva must ally their enemy armies against the threat  and against larger dangers that loom on the horizon in this conclusion to the Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy.

Silver by Chris Wooding
When the students at Mortingham Boarding Academy find a group of strange, silvery beetles on school grounds they are excited, but when the beetles attack them and a mysterious virus starts spreading, a group of mismatched students must work together to survive.

House of Ivy & Sorrow by Natalie Whipple
"Seventeen-year-old Josephine Hemlock has spent her life hiding the fact that she's a witch--but when the mysterious Curse that killed her mother returns, she might not be able to keep her magical and normal lives separate"-- Provided by publisher.

This Wicked Game by Michelle Zink
Seventeen-year-old Claire, a descendant of Marie Leveau, is forced to embrace her voodoo heritage when mysterious strangers threaten to use an age-old curse to destroy her family and the boy she loves.

New in March 2014

Steadfast by Claudia Gray (Sequel to Spellcaster)
"Nadia must stop the evil sorceress Elizabeth before she lures the One Beneath to Captive's Sound, destroying the town and everyone Nadia holds dear at the same time."--Provided by publisher.

The Edge of the Water by Elizabeth George (Sequel to The Edge of Nowhere)
Fifteen-year-old Jean McDaniel's life on Whidbey Island becomes more complicated and her relationhsips with old and new friends take strange turns, partly due to the arrival of a woman researching a strange black seal.

Illusion by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Chronicles of Nick, book 5)
Son of a demon Nick Gautier just wants to be a normal guy, but when he is sucked into an alternate reality he realizes the value of his powers.

New in February 2014

Vengeance by Megan Miranda (Sequel to Fracture)
It seems Decker is the only person who does not believe that Falcon Lake, under a curse, is somehow connected to his best friend, Delaney, but everything changes when Delaney senses the imminent death of Decker's father and says nothing.

Perfect Lies by Kiersten White (Sequel to Mind Games)
"Sisters Annie and Fia have had their abilities manipulated by the Keane Foundation for too long--and now they're ready to fight back against the twisted organization that has been using them as pawns"--Provided by publisher.

White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Layla, half demon, half gargoyle, is in love with a demon hunter, attracted to a demon, and suddenly aware that she is the cause of a violent demon uprising.

The Glass Gasket by McCormick Templeman
After the brutal murder of her cousin, everything changes for sixteen-year-old Rowan, who must not only seek the evil forces responsible before they destroy her family and village, but also set aside her studies when she becomes betrothed to her best friend, Tom.

New in January 2014

Hollow City : The Second Novel of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar ChildrenHaving escaped Miss Peregrine's island by the skin of their teeth, Jacob and his new friends must journey to London (circa 1940), the "peculiar" capital of the world.

Evertrue by Brodi Ashton (Everneath. book 3)
In the conclusion to the Everneath trilogy, Nikki has rescued Jack, but is tricked into turning into an Everliving.

The Unbound: An Archived Novel by Victoria Schwab
Starting her junior year at Hyde School, Mackenzie Bishop, a Keeper tasked with stopping violent Histories from escaping the Archive, becomes the prime suspect when several people vanish without a trace.

Unhinged by A. G. Howard (Sequel to Splintered)
Life gets complicated once gain for teenaged Alyssa when her mother returns home from an asylum and the mysterious Morpheus tempts Alyssa with another dangerous quest in the dark, challenging Wonderland.

Not Your Ordinary Wolf Girl by Emily Pohl-Weary
When teenage rock star Sam Lee is bitten by a strange creature in Central Park, she discovers she is turning into a werewolf, and must unravel the mystery of the supernatural world before her bandmates and the media find out.

A Breath of Frost by Alyxandra Harvey
When three cousins in 1814 London discover their magical powers and family lineage of witchcraft, they accidentally open the gates to the underworld allowing the spirits of dark witches known as the Greymalkin Sisters to hunt and kill young debutante witches for their powers.