Today is Brian Doyle Day

Monday, November 6, 2017 - 12:00am

Join us at the Lake Oswego Public Library November 6 to celebrate Brian Doyle Day. Events will be held throughout the day culminating with the Brian Doyle Garden unveiling and dedication at 7:00pm.

Throughout the day the public will be invited to add notes to a memory tree, enjoy book displays and view portions of Brian’s Lake Oswego Reads presentation. The day will culminate at 7:00pm with an unveiling and dedication of the Brian Doyle Garden, with music performed by Kathryn Claire on the Irish fiddle. 

Brian Doyle was the author of many books and essays including the 2012 Lake Oswego Reads book, Mink River. Brian, who passed away in May, is highly regarded in the community, “He brought joy and love and light and laughter and although we will be diminished by his passing, I remain heartened by his spirit and I believe his enthusiasm, keen eye, sense of wonder and unique ability to get to — and express — the heart of things will live on through all who had the pleasure of knowing him and in the legacy of his work.” Bill Baars, Library Director.

November 6, Brian’s birthday, was made Brian Doyle Day by proclamation on October 3rd. The reading of the proclamation by Mayor Kent Studebaker was followed by a standing ovation by the city council.