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Trip Planning

City of Lake Oswego Oregon Official Website

Search for travel packages, find flights, hotels, car rentals and more.

Fodor's Online
Destinations, restaurants, hotels, travel tips, cruises, and adventure travel resources.

Frommer's Budget Travel Online
Comprehensive lists of resources for many destinations.  Air fares, hotels, restaurants and more.

Lonely Planet Online
From the revered guidebook company.  World guide, theme guide, many links.

Packages, flights, hotels, cars, cruises. Find a low fare.

Directory of travel sites. Search for  destinations by type of landscape, recreational activities and more.

Another huge site. Flights, hotels, car rentals  Destination guides

Driving directions, route planner, and maps for over forty European countries; hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions for twenty-five countries; and more from Michelin, publisher of maps and the Red and Green guides. Searches for hotels, restaurants, and attractions are by location and may be limited by the traditional criteria and symbols (stars, price, comfort, etc.) in the print guides.
In English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German. Set individual preference profiles by registering (free).

TripBuzz helps you discover the top activities, attractions and entertainment near you.  We researched over 20,000 local communities across the U.S. to find and curate the most fun and interesting things to do in your area.

Find a place to stay. Rent from people in over 34,000 cities and 192 countries.  From apartments and rooms to treehouses and boats: stay in unique spaces in 192 countries.  Or maybe you would like to host travelers in your space?  Renting out your unused space could pay your bills or fund your next vacation.