We Are What We Eat: Connecting Food and Citizenship

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Oregon is famous for its food - for its long traditions in agriculture and fisheries, and also for its role in the movement to promote whole food in communities, schools, and home kitchens. In addition to the daily practice of cooking and eating, many Oregonians also think, talk, and write about food. Might our relationship to food production, preparation, and consumption create deeper connections to our place and our neighbors and a pathway to increased self-sufficiency?

This is the focus of “We Are What We Eat: Connecting Food and Citizenship,” a free conversation with Wendy Willis. This program is hosted by the Lake Oswego Public Library and sponsored by Oregon Humanities.

Willis is a poet, essayist, and national leader in civic engagement and collaborative governance. She serves as executive director of the Policy Consensus Initiative, a national nonprofit organization housed at Portland State University devoted to improving democratic governance. Her first book of poems, Blood Sisters of the Republic, was released in 2012. Through the Conversation Project, Oregon Humanities offers free programs that engage community members in thoughtful, challenging conversations about ideas critical to our daily lives and our state's future.