Market Tokens

Often shoppers wishing to purchase items at the Farmers’ Market do not have cash (only debit or credit cards) and many vendors do not accept this form of payment. In order to remedy this, the Market sells tokens at the Parks & Recreation Merchant Services Booth, which is located next to the restrooms at Millennium Plaza Park. These tokens can be used to purchase items from ALL vendors (excluding City of Lake Oswego representatives).

Token Facts:

  • Tokens may be purchased using a credit or debit card that is backed by VISA, Discover or MasterCard.
  • Shoppers may purchase tokens in $5 denominations. A $1.50 service charge will be added to each transaction for patrons (this covers the cost of using the machine).
  • Shoppers can treat tokens just like cash. For example, if a customer buys an item for $3 with a $5 token, vendors give the shopper $2 cash in return. Vendors will give shoppers change at the time of purchase.
  • Tokens have no expiration date.