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City of Lake Oswego Downtown

Boones Ferry Road Improvements

Project Background/Summary

In 2008, after many years of work by community stakeholders, the Lake Grove Village Center Plan was adopted by the City Council and incorporated into City Code.  The Plan defines and outlines implementation measures to achieve the community's vision for a welcoming, comfortable community nucleus.  The transformation of Boones Ferry Road to address infrastructure and amenity deficiencies is a key element of the Plan.

One of the City Council's 2012 Goals was to adopt an implementation plan for the Lake Grove Village Center Plan.  Council directed staff to prepare the April 2012 Lake Grove Village Center Financial Study and complete an urban renewal plan for Lake Grove, to authorize urban renewal as one of several funding sources for key implementation projects.  On July 24, 2012, the Council adopted the Lake Grove Village Center Urban Renewal Plan to provide funding for two projects:  Boones Ferry Road and parking (to replace parking lost as a result of the road project and provide additional public parking supply).  The first urban renewal priority is to complete Boones Ferry Road improvements from Madrona to Oakridge/Reese and provide a pedestrian crossing at Lanewood, near the Lake Grove Elementary School.

Project Description

The Boones Ferry Road - Madrona to Oakridge/Reese improvements, defined in more detail in the Lake Grove Village Center Plan and subsequent Boones Ferry Road Refinement planning, include:

  • Four vehicular travel lanes
  • Landscaped medians with vehicular turn lane improvements
  • New, safer sidewalks with street trees, lighting, street furniture and landscaping
  • Two new signalized intersections and two new pedestrian crosswalks
  • Bike lanes in each direction
  • Improved storm drainage systems
  • Undergrounding of utilities
  • Pedestrian crossing at Lanewood

The cost of the Boones Ferry Road - Madrona to Oakridge/Reese project is currently estimated at $27 million, assuming the grant award described below.  Project funding would include proceeds from a $5 million general obligation bond issue approved by Lake Oswego voters in November 2012, a $17.4 million Full Faith and Credit bond issue, with debt service from City sources to be repaid over time with urban renewal funds, and other sources to be identified by the City Council.


STIP Federal grant

The City has applied to the Oregon Department of Transportation for a $4 million Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) grant to supplement GO Bond, urban renewal and other local sources (such as transportation system development charge revenues).  The application has been advanced to a short list of applications, with awards expected by November 2014.
Project Advisory Committee

A Project Advisory Committee has been formed to advise the Project Team on decisions about the design and construction of the project.  Meetings will be posted on the City calendar.

Electronic Project Updates
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