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LAKE OSWEGO REVIEW September 11, 2014



Immediate release—September 8, 2014

Lake Oswego Reads Announces Book for 2015

The Lake Oswego Public Library has selected All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr as the book for the 2015 annual citywide reading program, Lake Oswego Reads.

Bill Baars, Director of the Lake Oswego Library said, “It is a pleasure to announce Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See as the Lake Oswego Reads title for 2015. Enveloped by the author’s unsurpassed lyricism, Doerr’s beautifully written book is a study in humanity, brutality, decency and consequences. It contains love, kindness and bravery, as well as defining moments of failed courage, self-protection and loss.”

He added, “As we mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War 2 All the Light We Cannot See will be a terrific catalyst for another February of fascinating and provocative programs and conversations. The Lake Oswego Reads Steering Committee is proud of this selection and we look forward to our community uniting to unlock the magic of this wonderful book.”

When Doer was contacted about his book being selected for Lake Oswego Reads, he said, “What an amazing community reads program! It's a thrill and an honor to have my new novel selected; I love readers in the Northwest, and I can't wait to come out to Lake Oswego next year.”

The Lake Oswego Library will be bringing Doerr to Lake Oswego to speak on February 11, 2015.

This will be the program’s ninth year and all events will be free due to the financial support of the Friends of the Lake Oswego Public Library, Graham’s Book and Stationery, Lake Oswego Rotary Club, Lake Oswego Women’s Club and the Lake Oswego Review.

The new co-title sponsor is Graham’s Book and Stationery.

The Steering Committee for Lake Oswego Reads, consisting of librarians, community leaders, high school English teachers and high school students, selected the book.  They read more books this year than any other year.  Visit for a list of the books the committee read.

The official kickoff of Lake Oswego Reads will be Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at the Library, with complimentary books distributed to Lake Oswego Public Library card holders, thanks to the Friends of the Lake Oswego Public Library.  The committee is presently developing a schedule of programs for February so that Lake Oswego residents can not only discuss the book but also experience the book with speakers, music, food, art and more.

For Lake Oswego Reads updates visit or call Cyndie Glazer at 503-675-2538.