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Field Trips and Tours

City of Lake Oswego Oregon Official Website

Luscher Farm is located on the border of Lake Oswego and West Linn, at 125 Rosemont Rd., 10 miles from downtown Portland. The dairy farm was bought from Rudy Luscher in the late 90’s by the City of Lake Oswego and converted into a park with an organic agriculture focus for area residents. It is the home to 47th Ave. Community Supported Agriculture, a 185 plot Community Garden, the Friends of Rogerson Clematis Garden, and the Children’s Garden. The farm is a great example of local government’s foresight into preserving agricultural land for small-scale production to feed and educate the local population. Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation offers field trips for area elementary and preschool age children. Students benefit from education in sustainable agriculture, small scale farming and gardening and general environmental education in an outdoor classroom. If you are interested in participating in this unique experience, please contact Mya Geweke, Organic Education Leader  at to set up your field trip.