Mapping Services

The Geographic Information System (GIS) provides City staff with a valuable tool for information analysis, automated mapping, and data storage. The GIS can perform numerous analytical operations to support decision-making processes as well as create, edit, and display maps. This capability assists decision-makers as they allocate resources, evaluate alternatives and costs, and provide improved customer service to residents of the city.

The core of the GIS is the layered mapping, with the ability to turn on and off layers of information such as lot lines, zoning boundaries, fire hydrants, water lines, and pathways. Many of these items are linked to databases, aerial photography, scanned photographs, and planning documents, which gives the user access to a wealth of information about these mapped features right at his or her computer.

The GIS is useful to answer such questions as:

  • Where is something?   (Where is Sunwood Court?)
  • What exists here?   (What is the zoning at this location?)
  • What is the relation between location A and B?   (What is the distance between the library and the Adult Community Center?)
  • What if?   (What will be the effect on drainage if we widen this road?)
  • What has changed since?   (What was the condition of this tree grove before this development?)
  • Show me _____   (the properties within 200 feet of McVey Avenue that are zoned commercial).

Maps are available for purchase at City Hall.  Maps can also be custom-made to fit your particular need.  A number of printable and interactive maps are also available on-line.