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City of Lake Oswego
Willamette River railroad bridge

Ordinance 2580 - Boones Ferry Road Refinement Plan

Ordinance Summary

Amend Lake Grove Village Center Plan, a Special District Plan of Lake Oswego Comprehensive Plan, and LOC 50.05.007, Lake Grove Village Center Overlay District, to incorporate recommendations developed by Project Advisory Committee for the Boones Ferry Road Refinement Plan, and adopting Findings (LU 11-0040-1793)

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Ordinance Files

Related Meetings

Tue, Sep 4 5:30pm

Second Reading Date

Tue, Sep 4, 2012

Effective Date

Thu, Oct 4, 2012

Ordinance Details

Attachment A - Approves Findings

Attachment B - Replace Figures 2, 3, 4,6,. and 7 in Lake Grove Village Center Plan adopted under Ordinance 2454

Attachment C - Amends Text of the Lake Grove Village Center Plan, adopted under Ordinance 2454

Attached D - Amends with Lake Grove Village Center Overlay District (LOC 50.05.007) by replacing map figures 50.05.007-D, 50.05.007-L, 50.05.007-T, 50.05.007-U, 50-05.007-V, and 50.05.007-X.

Attachment D - Amends Section 50.05.007 of the Lake Oswego Code