AG Plan


In 2013 the Parks and Recreation Department completed the Luscher Area Master Plan (LAMP). The LAMP is a community based vision for the properties that make up the area. The LAMP made many recommendations to implement the vision of the document. One topic that is new to Parks and Recreation on a national scale is agriculture on public park land. During the LAMP process agricultural uses were identified in the park. A particular recommendation came from this process which is to develop an Agricultural Space Plan (AG Plan). The AG Plan is intended to identify where agricultural uses will occur within the park as well as identify how to treat the interface space between different uses and agriculture.

January 21, 2016 the draft AG Plan is available for community comment. Agriculture plans for public spaces are not a typical occurence. This plan is an approach to fulfilling the LAMP recommendations. the plan is available for review and comment until Sunday February 7, 2016 at midnight. Please  CLICK HERE to download the plan in PDF format. Comments are appreciated with this new type of plan.

Please use the comment feature on Adobe Acrobat or send a detailed email to Ryan Stee at

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Luscher Area Agricultural Space Plan - 9.46 mb