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Casa del Pollo

The Lake Oswego Public Golf Course is pleased to announce the opening of Casa del Pollo Restaurant.  The Zuniga family (restaurant owners) have been busy making preparations and are open for service and are eager to provide you with delicious Costa Rican lunch and dinner options. 

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because they currently operate a cozy little restaurant on Boone’s Ferry Road in Lake Oswego under the same name.  It’s the little red place that recently was crashed into by a car about three weeks ago.  Needless to say they have been quite busy between making arrangements to open at the Muni and repairing and re-opening their existing restaurant.

Hours of operation are 10am-8pm.  Come to the Muni, shoot a bucket of balls on the practice range and have lunch, or try the breakfast burrito with the secret green sauce....super good. The Zuniga family are very welcoming and truly nice people.  A formal announcement of their Grand Opening event will follow in the days to come.

See the menu below under Supporting Documents. Call-in orders are taken by Mario at 503-534-5281 after 10am.