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Lake Oswego Skate Park Features

New and improved 6-7.5 foot quarter pipe!

Check out our newly refinished 6 foot quarter pipe with a new and improved 7.5 foot extension! This ramp was recreated by Eagle Scout Ian Fisher
Thanks Ian and his crew for the new addition.

The Lake Oswego Skate Park offers 9600 sq. ft. of fun. It is comprised mainly of wooden ramps. The park is great for beginning boarders and inline skaters as well as challenging for experienced skaters of all ages. The park has a 4'x24' quarter pipe, 6-7.5ft. quarter pipe, new pyramid, 2 funboxes, 3 rails, 2 kickers, and a multipurpose box. In addition, there is a 3 foot half pipe

This pyramid has a variety of aspects and applications for beginners and advanced skaters.  It can be skated as a pyramid hip, bank to ledge, ledge into a bank, kicker/bump, elevator ledge, as a mellow bank for technical grinds and slides, and much more!  This custom pyramid and already existing half-pipe now fit together and form a cohesive obstacle, with way more flow and options to skate.

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4 foot quarterpipe refinished in 2014. New addition of 5ft extension and wedgeNew ramp is finished! Spine Ramp. New reconstructed design of the spine ramp. LO Skate Park's Alex and Dave created a smaller, easier and more fun addition to the park in 2013.New manual box. We retired 2 of our manual boxes in the 2013 season. This new one was created with recycled materials out of a palete that the new 6' 1/4 skatelight was delivered on and metal coping from one of the old boxes. Fun and Free! Go recyling!Looking to learn to drop in? If there ramps could tell stories there would be a long list of first drop-in's right here. Lake Oswego Skate Park FeaturesLake Oswego Skate Park FeaturesLake Oswego Skate Park FeaturesLake Oswego Skate Park Features