Oregon Tilth OEC Departure from Luscher Farm

Posted Thu, 03/28/2013 - 4:30pm

After sixteen years as a partner at Luscher Farm, Oregon Tilth has notified the City of Lake Oswego that that they will be departing the site at the end of April 2013.

Oregon Tilth created the Organic Education Center (OEC) program as a collaborative project with the City of Lake Oswego. “For over a decade, the OEC program delivered many hands-on classes, workshops, tours and special events at Luscher Farm relating to sustainable, organic agriculture and food systems,” said Colleen Lockovitch, OEC Program Manager. Oregon Tilth maintained a demonstration garden at Luscher Farm, from which the organic produce that was grown was distributed to Oregon Food Bank affiliated and local shelters.

“The City of Lake Oswego is thankful for the many years of partnership with Oregon Tilth,” said Jan Wirtz, Recreation Superintendent. “And we’re pleased to continue the work of encouraging organic gardening and sustainable environmental practices through continued educational programming at Luscher Farm.”

Oregon Tilth determined that maintaining the demonstration garden at Luscher Farm is no longer the best use of resources to meet educational goals. “Moving away from maintaining the demo garden allows Oregon Tilth to focus primarily on a mobile and geographically diverse education effort,” said Chris Schreiner, Oregon Tilth’s Executive Director. “This change helps plant the seeds of the OEC’s organic gardening curriculum throughout the region.”

“Luscher Farm provided Oregon Tilth with the opportunity to create and offer the community a high-quality, hands-on learning experience in the garden,” said Wirtz. “It’s great to see our public-private partnership result in outreach and education programs that will have a regional impact.”

“We applaud the City in its efforts to maintain the historical aspects of Luscher Farm by keeping it as a working farm and educational site,” said Schreiner. “The City should be proud for being forward-thinking and caring for the community’s food source and education.”

For more information on Luscher Farm go to: www.ci.oswego.or.us/luscher and for more information about Oregon Tilth go to: www.Tilth.org

Issued March 28, 2013