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Lower Millennium Plaza Park

Parks & Recreation Summer 2017 Catalog

City of Lake Oswego Oregon Official Website
Discover all the ways Parks & Recreation promotes Living Well in LO.  Registration for Summer 2017 classes opens at 10am, Monday April 10th for residents and on April 17th for non-residents. Register online at

Please be aware. The Parks Catalog seasonal classes occasionally overlap dates. The Winter/Spring Catalog is still available in the Supporting Documents below. Questions about classes and services can be answered at 503-675-2549.

Parks & Recreation publishes seasonal catalogs that provide information about classes, activities, special events and camps offered by the department. See current catalogs under Supporting Documents below. The catalog seasons and class start dates are Winter Spring (January 1 - April 30), Summer (May 1 - August 31), and Fall (September 1 - December 31).  You will find all our classes and activities on the registration website once registration opens. Click Online Registration or contact Parks & Recreation at 503-675-2549 to register.